Bazinga moments of the internet

All that you find online is too good to be true

By Author  |  Published: 22nd Feb 2019  5:38 pm

Here are the pictures that went viral which were believed to be real

Over a million pictures are uploaded on the internet on a daily basis. But, what is authentic and what is not, still plagues the netizens. For example, is that picture of Earth from space during Diwali the real one or just another viral picture with touch-ups from photoshop? We’ll never know. Also, the rice wave picture which went viral recently… Yes, that’s fake too.

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Now, there are just so many pictures that could be checked for their authenticity. But, Bright Side went on full busting mode and brought spotlight back on to the 11 pictures that went viral and were actually believed to be real.

To view all the pictures, check out — <>.