Beauty behind the veil

Hijab scarf is getting a makeover and setting new fashion goals.

By Author   |   Published: 29th Dec 2016   11:00 pm Updated: 29th Dec 2016   7:13 pm
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If you thought scarves hide a woman’s beauty, these tips on how to style a hijab will prove you wrong. Nehaa from Plank Salon believes it is important to keep the makeup simple while wearing hijab. “The focus must be on the eyes and lips.

To keep it classy, try to match the lip shade with your hijab. For instance, if your hijab is Royal blue, go for fuchsia pink lipstick. A nice winged liner, kajal and mascara can work wonders on the eyes,” she says.

Colour contrast
Choosing the right colour will make all the difference and make your outfit trendy. With light, subtle-coloured dresses, you can choose bold, dark or bright colours of hijab and vice-versa. Accentuate your skin tone by choosing the appropriate colour. Shades of red, orange, yellow and brown go well with fair skin while blue and green hues suit wheatish complexion. Dusky/dark skin tone will look the best with colours like plum, coral, and peach.

Hijab actually gives you an opportunity to emphasise your facial features. Eyes are one of the features that stand out when you wear a hijab. You can experiment with different shades of eye shadow, kajal and eyeliner in sync with the kind of hijab you wear. Give special attention to lips as well.

Apart from colours, patterns are another thing you can experiment with. It doesn’t stop at choosing an attractive pattern. You can mix and match different scarves of different patterns to bring a unique touch to your style. But make sure it complements the outfit you wear.

Safety pins are necessary to hold the hijab in place, but instead of the normal ones use pins with pretty beads or colours. A stiff-backed headband over the top of your scarf will not just give extra support, but will also look stylish. Use brooches to pin the sides of your scarf. If you are ready to invest some effort and energy, you can also do some embroidery or fabric painting on the scarf and make it unique.