Bedtime foods to sleep well

Dark chocolates can have a relaxing effect on you

By Author  |  Published: 4th Sep 2018  6:50 pm

Have gadgets been keeping you busy and, in turn, affecting your sleep quality? Fear not. By merely incorporating a few simple foods, one can get that blissful shut eye.

Warm milk

It has been an age-old routine to drink warm milk before bedtime. Milk contains amino acids which turn into serotonin and melatonin. These calm the body and regulate healthy sleep-wake cycles. Depending on the season, ingredients like turmeric and dry fruits are mixed with warm/hot milk for added benefits. The haldi dodh has caught on so much in the west that they have many names for it – spiced turmeric latte, golden milk, etc.

Dark chocolate

A small piece of dark chocolate can promote a good night’s sleep. Contrary to the belief that chocolate gives you sugar-rush, the dark ones (with more cocoa component), actually relax you. This is because of the magnesium present in chocolates that balances hormones and the body clock. Obviously, over indulgence will be counter-productive so, make you don’t binge eat dark chocolates while watching some addictive TV series.

Herbal teas

Chamomile is an excellent sleep-inducer and a natural nerve-soother. That is why many doctors and experts recommend this herb to pacify babies and to alleviate stress. Though black teas and other caffeine-infused beverages should absolutely be avoided hours ahead of bedtime, herbal teas are an exception to this rule. Apart from chamomile, Mulethi, Jasmine and other flowers and herb-infusions are a great hit with the modern-day workaholics who find themselves restless.