Benefits of drinking water from copper vessels

The benefits of copper for the human body are numerous

By Author  |  Published: 30th Jan 2018  11:05 pmUpdated: 30th Jan 2018  7:47 pm

Ayurvedic doctors and many other experts have vouched for the benefits of copper. This metal has been used over decades as a cooking and a serving utensil.

The new (well, old really) facts about drinking water that is stored in a copper bottle are that it has innumerable health benefits. People like living in the most natural and basic way possible nowadays.

Copper bottles are easily available online. Websites like Amazon, Kraftly and ebay have sensed the market and have made many options available to choose from both in terms of size and design. Supermarket stores like Qmart, Hypercity, Ratnadeep and BigBazaar too have stocked these in their shelves. Niche shops which focus only on wellness products have copper and other earthy options for utensils.

Most of these safest-to-use items range from Rs 400 to Rs 1,000 for the standard one-litre bottle.

Ch Varaprasad, CFO, Dr. Copper, says, “Drinking water out of a copper bottle is healthy and people have indeed taken it seriously. We, being the first company to introduce seamless and 100% copper bottles in the market, have tried out best to spread awareness about using it.”

Talking to Tabloid Today about their customers, he adds, “The response we received was tremendous. We get enquiries not only from India but also from around the world.”
Their standard bottle is 1-litre and is priced moderately at Rs 799.