Bengaluru-based Sunday Mattresses sees Indian market growing

The company’s ROIC (return on invested capital) has been over 118 per cent. Today, it delivers mattresses to more than 9,000 pin codes.

By Author  |  Published: 24th Jun 2018  12:18 amUpdated: 23rd Jun 2018  9:02 pm
Sunday Mattresses
Sunday Mattresses CEO Alphonse Reddy is able to bring internationaly quality products for Indian customers.

Hyderabad: Sunday Mattresses, a Bengaluru-based sleep-focused, disruptive, technology driven company is passionate about building mattresses and other accessories that ensure good sleep.

Sunday has grown 50 times from the first month of operations two years back. The company’s ROIC (return on invested capital) has been over 118 per cent. Today, it delivers mattresses to more than 9,000 pin codes. The company is planning to raise $5 million in next six months.

Sharing what makes his product unique, Alphonse Reddy, founder, and CEO of Sunday Mattresses, told Telangana Today, “Sunday ensures that all key raw materials are certified by European agencies (LGA Germany, Euro Latex, Oeko Tek 100) to make sure that the products are not only comfortable but meet international health and safety standards. The mattresses are designed by a mix of domestic and international team. A key endeavour is to pair our products with a simplified and a hassle-free buying experience through our pioneering 100-nights returns on mattresses. Our research showed that our body needs 30-40 days to check the suitability of the mattress.”

Alphonse worked with Flextronics and Sasken in London before joining Delta Partners with their strategy consulting and investment teams. He finished his engineering from BITS, Pilani and MBA from INSEAD business school, France. He traveled to or worked in over 40 countries so far. This is where the idea of Sunday Mattresses was born. His extensive travel made him acutely aware of how mattresses affected the quality of sleep. Upon returning to India, he had to change mattresses. The mattresses though new, were not returnable and that got him thinking.

Ideal product

He went on to discover what the ideal mattress was, what the perfect after-sale customer service offering should comprise of and how to help a potential customer choose the perfect mattress in a highly fragmented market.

He also associated with Hiroko Shiratori from Tokyo who is an acclaimed designer having won several awards across the globe including Australia and London, who has been instrumental in the design of the product. Alphonse’s team spent 14 months to come out with the final product towards the end of 2015.

He explains, “We spend one-third of our life in sleeping but most of us do not care what kind of mattresses suit us. Good sleep leads to better productivity. Though people might spend a lot of money in buying a house, but bedroom is often the least invested portion. Most of the investment goes into furniture, tiling and TV sets. We want to help our customers choose the right mattress and give them good sleep and health. Customers often get confused with so many models of mattresses, and they need simple and useful solutions that suit their height, weight and the posture they sleep. Since the other mattress companies share a lot of margin with the wholesaler and retailers, customers end up paying more. We wanted to address all these aspects.”

He has also deployed intuitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions across his organization in stock refill management, inventory order management, outbound and inbound logistics, customer engagement management to ensure that the end customer gets the best sleeping experience.

The company has three models of mattresses – Memory Plus, Ortho Plus and Latex Plus, serving the needs of customers in different stages of their lifecycle. Ortho Plus is the fast moving model for the company. The company finds domestic market big enough to focus in the coming years before exploring overseas markets. India is estimated to be a Rs 20,000 crore market for mattresses. A small portion of the population in India uses mattresses and a few percentage growth means a big opportunity for mattress makers. Around 50 lakh units get sold every month in the country.

Global standards

“Each mattress has a lifespan of 7-10 years, and if mattresses are made of harmful foam, it can cause several health conditions. Globally, regulations are stringent to ensure quality. We went ahead and are complying with these standards. We currently procure our raw material from Belgium which are made as per our defined specifications and our product is developed in-house. The core component comes from Belgium and we take care of the ancillary works here. The arrangement with Belgium partners has kept our operations lean. As technology changes faster, we will be able to adopt to changes quickly through our model. We are making 2,000 mattresses every month,” he informed.

The company will explore own unit in India based on the demand patterns in the next 2-3 years. As of now import component stands at 30 per cent.

Sunday Mattresses has one experiential store in Bengaluru and is going to open one in Hyderabad by year-end, followed by Chennai and Mumbai in next 1-2 years. The company also makes other accessories such as pillows, mattress protectors and toppers.