Bicycles a thing of the past?

Advent in automobile technology has led to the downfall in the usage of bicycles.

By Author  |  Published: 6th Feb 2017  8:46 pmUpdated: 6th Feb 2017  8:56 pm
Md Ikram owner of Ajmeer cycle store stands in front of store.

Karimnagar: Like other traditional transportations, the cheapest moving system bicycle was also badly hit by the advent of modern transport. While few countries were promoting cycles to avoid traffic jams and control the damage to the environment, Indians were getting attracted towards modern transportation.

Earlier, majority of people used to choose bullock carts, rickshaws, cycles and others forms of transport to move from one place to another. But now, people are not interested in using old-style transportation in the wake of modern vehicles with luxurious facilities available in the market.

Some people used to maintain their own cycles while a majority of them used to get cycles on rent from cycle stores. However, it has become a rare sight to spot people moving on cycles. About 40 cycle stores were found in Karimnagar town two decades back, but today it is only two.

Speaking to the Telangana Today, MD Ikram, a cycle store owner in the Karimnagar district bus stand premises runs a store started by his father Ajmeer around 50 years back opined that the fall in the usage of bicycles started with the introduction two wheeler motorcycles and autorickshaws in the market. Extensive usage of share autos since 2005 totally damaged the business.

It is difficult to run a store with 20 cycles which once had 200 cycles and 3 workers to look after them. Moreover, on a normal day only 15 bicycles are rented.

In the past, people from all sections of the society including students, farmers, small mobile vendors and others used to hire cycles to travel in the town. But today, people are opting for share autos to reach their destinations. The only customers that hire cycles today are labourers. They hire cycles in the morning and return it in the evening, said Pasha,another cycle store owner for the past 50 years..

P Raghu