Bid goodbye to obesity

Know what should not be included in your diet for healthy weight

By Author  |  Published: 11th Oct 2017  9:50 pm

Everyday, something or the other might seem tempting when you think of eating — and it is quite natural. But, remember that whatever you eat has positive and negative effects on your health, and so you need to choose carefully.

So, here are a few foods that you should not include in your diet if you want to avoid obesity.

Stay away from sweets

To avoid trans fats, sugar is the main thing that you should maintain a distance from. A few foods that contain concentrated sugars and unhealthy fats that you should not give a thought to are doughnuts and other pastries, French fries, cookies, and so on.

Cut down on alcohol

If you are really a party person who likes to have drinks occasionally, then it is better to know that it is not good for your health and is an unhealthy way of weight gain. The reason why you should ditch alcohol is because it is made with refined juice of natural foods and has great amount of concentrated sugar, which is not at all good for your weight.

Avoid sodium content

Some foods give you a bloating feeling and those foods have a great amount of sodium content that increase sodium levels. To avoid such kind of content in your body, foods like tomato greens, spinach, celery leaves, pink beans, coriander leaves, mango, greens and others should not be consumed.

Say no to dairy products

There is no doubt that dairy foods are linked with long-term weight gain. And, most importantly, butter and cheese have to be mainly removed from the list.

Dump artificial sweeteners

Though the artificial sweeteners have zero calories, they have sweet content and, once consumed, they release insulin in the body and result in an increase in glucose levels, which will lead to weight gain.