Bipasha Basu to go digital to impart health related knowledge

Bipasha Basu to provide 'informed platform' about health

By Author  |  Published: 17th Apr 2018  6:20 pm
Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu, a fitness enthusiast, says she is looking at the digital platform to impart knowledge about health and fitness.

A quick look at her social media posts — the latest one being “Flex arms, stretch legs and turn heads” — will give people an idea about her passion for fitness.

Not just that. A few years ago, she had unveiled a set of DVDs that told you how to burn fat fast. She now has more to offer to fitness freaks.

“Soon, I will be imparting more knowledge to people who want to get fit. It will be in the digital world because DVDs don’t really matter any more,” Bipasha said.

“It will be a regular stream of information on one solid platform. It won’t be only about what I do but about what different kinds of people need to do. It will be much more like an informed platform about health and fitness — and not just workouts. It will be a 360-degree platform that will cover everything good for the human body,” she added.

On the evolution of her fitness regimen, she said, “When you are continuously training, you need to keep changing your routine since your body adapts to it very soon. Pilates has come to India. There are such good instructors now, and also different forms of yoga. There is a lot more to choose from today. I try to do a mix of everything.”

The former model isn’t a fan of people with “skinny” figure.

“As a model, there are times when you have to be skinny… but there are curvy models too. I don’t appreciate people who are very sticky or skinny. I believe that you have to be fit and strong so that when you are old, your body still functions properly. You need to have the right amount of muscle mass and be curvy as a woman. I don’t think that very skinny women are sexy. I am not a big fan of it,” she said.