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Aquascaping is the best part of owning a fish tank

By Author   |   Published: 11th Jan 2018   11:21 pm Updated: 12th Jan 2018   12:41 am

Paws and fins should be a part of everyone’s lives. Coming home after a tiring day to find happy faces is all you need as a stress buster. But maintaining pets is not an easy task. They need your love and attention more than anything else.

Many people give up the idea of pets because of the time constraints. For those who would want to add some liveliness to their homes despite the busy schedules, aquatic animals are just the right option. Do not worry if you are a first-time pet-parent, here are some YouTubers who will guide you through the care-taking and maintenance of these lovely beings.

Taylor Nicole Dean

If you want to go for an adventurous pet choice, you might want to check out this YouTuber. Native of San Antonio, Texas, Taylor is a pet enthusiast who took to YouTube to educate about the care of animals especially her hedgehogs, seahorses and geckos. Her varied pet collection is worth a watch, especially her fish tanks. She has aquatic animals ranging from gold fish to axolotls which will just leave you amazed. Special mention — her axolotls are just adorable!

The king of DIY

Decorating fish bowls or the tanks irrespective of the size is the best part of having fishes. There are endless options to decorate your fish tank. You can add plants or flower pots or just give certain lighting along with sand for a desired output. If you are looking for aquascaping and trying to beautify your fish tanks, The king of DIY channel is for you. Joey Mullen, an aquarium hobbyist from Canada, shares all the information required to maintain a perfect aquarium and various kinds of fishes.

Solid gold aquatics

The first thing that comes to mind when you say fish bowl is a goldfish. But the information about them is not very accurate which leads to many misconceptions. Jennifer Lynx from solid gold aquatic channel is art and biology lover. She says goldfish is the living work of art. Though she did add many pets other than goldfish over the days, her goldfish collection is very impressive. If you are planning to get a goldfish, you might want to consider watching her videos.

Steff J

Turtle lovers should subscribe to steff J. Like any other pet enthusiast, she has many pets, but her turtle collection is just too good. She has many elaborate videos on how to deal with them. Starting from the dedicated turtle tanks to care to be taken during breeding process — these are something which will help you handle your turtles in a much better way. When you decide to get a turtle, you cannot ignore the fact that they are not cuddly but that doesn’t stop you from falling in love with these darling creatures.

Aquarium Co-Op

Well, the first part of acquiring a pet is exploring. You will have to decide on what you want bring home. Aquarium Co-Op will help you get through this process. The YouTube channel started by Cory Mcelroy who has a pet store with the same name in the United States. His videos give you guidance on maintaining large fish tanks as most of his vlogs deal with his store maintenance. You might not really want to own these aquatic animals but it is a treat for your eyes to watch all the beautiful souls.

— Dheeraja Manvi


Uncle Bills

This is the blog that can give you all kinds of information you would want to know about aquatic pets. Though the blog might not look very appealing, it is packed with information. Whether you want tips to bring a new aquatic pet or you want to know more on how to take care of them, you will be well-guided here.

Aquarium Co-op

Other than educating yourself on how to pet an aquatic animal, this blog also writes extensively on the right aquarium for your little fish. They update their blog on a daily basis and talk about which size, fertilizer, plant or food would be best for your pet. So, everything you have to know about setting a perfect home for your Mr/Mrs fish is all uploaded here.

— T Takuangla Jamir