Blowing things up: The chance to start anew

Four gaming franchises that could take a leaf from Fortnite’s book

By Author  |  Published: 26th Oct 2019  7:09 pm

Writing something for the festival of lights is a unique challenge, on one side most of the nation’s populace is gearing up for a new year and also bracing itself for a multitude of explosions and clouds of smoke. While how one celebrates Diwali is open to interpretation (in accordance with the Supreme Court of course), I construe the festival as life’s annual clean-up; an opportunity to find new challenges, aspirations and reaffirm old beliefs. Sometimes, it can be the perfect moment to shake things up a little or just blow things up wide open.

This week’s column draws its Diwali inspiration from the Fortnite black hole. For the uninitiated, Fortnite ended the way it did things by causing a black hole to collide with the game world. As players scrambled to find out what happened to their beloved game, Fortnite remained unavailable for a few days; the entire event a testament to the developers’ commitment, while losing considerable everyday revenue. This week we look at four gaming franchises that could take a leaf from Fortnite’s book and use the time to start afresh.

Assassins Creed

The historical saga has come a long way in the last 12 years; over the time the sheen of Ezio has made way for disappointments like Connor and Arno. The new RPG style introduced with Origins and Odyssey have given things a new spin. Newer combat mechanics, a stealthier style, weapons apart from the hidden blade can all be avenues of exploration.


The game that is most accused for giving its gamers an annual paintjob; the football simulation is in desperate need of a drastic overhaul. The repeated changes to the code and the innumerable fixes often leave the game a mangled mess as players strive to find a consistent way to play. The world’s most popular sports simulator is in need of a completely new foundation.

The Ghost Recon franchise

Once an epitome of the futuristic soldier genre, Tom Clancy’s franchise seems to be stuck in a formulaic loop. With minimal changes and the belief that quantity can make up for quality, the last two titles Wildlands and Breakpoint have been quite unacceptable.


Never an extremely popular franchise but one with a dedicated following, Darksiders has, over the years, become stale and dated both in its approach and the kind of play it offers. A franchise with seemingly unending stories to tell; something needs to change if players need to take notice.

The challenge of building from scratch is often a scary or daunting one; but when done right the results can be quite rewarding. God of War, Wolfenstein and Doom are all proof of the benefits of taking time off. In an era when no one deals with the sub-standard, the extraordinary often needs time and the courage to adopt a fresh perspective.

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