Bombay toast with a twist

A recipe that does not require any cooking and can be made easily in the morning hours

By Author  |  Published: 8th Jun 2019  6:39 pm

This sweet toast can be used as a breakfast, wrapped with goodness of eggs and milk, which makes it healthier while the condensed milk is for enhancing the taste even better. But, before we get started, we must understand the difference between French toast and Bombay toast. When we talk about French items, we get an idea that the item is extremely luxurious and it’s true.

French toast requires slices of baguette which are crisper, crunchier and their slightly chewy centre makes it way different from regular bread slices. The bread used in French toast is often one day old as they soak the batter nicely.

 Bombay toast

This particular dish may confuse you, as the French toast is often confused as a dish from France but the French toast finds its roots to Rome. Bombay toast can be complimenting your kid’s lunch box for a short break or you can serve this toast in your kitty party, when suddenly guests show up. So, get started with this sweet delight which is rich in sodium and vitamin B and has all nutritional benefits.


  • Bread cuts
  • Sugar or condensed milk: 2-4 tsps
  • Butter/ghee: 1 medium-sized bowl
  • Milk: 1 medium-sized bowl
  • Eggs: 2
  • Vanilla essence: 2-4 drops


  • Beat the eggs in a large bowl till the yolk mixes well.
  •  Add condensed milk or sugar, milk and vanilla essence and mix it well.
  •  Take a pan, preheat it and smear the butter or ghee all over it.
  •  Take a bread slice and dip it in the batter, one by one.
  •  Shallow fry on both the sides of bread till the colour changes into golden brown.
  • Your sweet snack is ready to serve with maple syrup, honey or fruits toppings. If you’re not a fan of toppings, you can eat it plain as well.