Bothersome things in games

A look at aberrations from the gaming industry that can irk enthusiasts

By Author  |  Published: 14th Sep 2019  6:32 pm

This week’s article is a response to a conversation on games that I had last week, an exchange that left me stumped and wondering. An avid player of the Call of Duty franchise wanted to know why there were no more games like the classic Modern Warfare. With the latest CoD iteration just around the corner (incidentally also called Modern Warfare), it got me thinking as to the various unanswered anomalies from the legions of games we have played over the years.By trying to weigh in on three such anomalies, I hope to ignite discussions on some level amongst fellow gamers.

Why games sacrifice successful formulae:

Trying to answer the most bothersome question off the bat, games are not just playful experiences but also composite works of art and coding prowess. Thus, every new game designed must try to push the boundary of what can be accomplished in terms of technical skill and the ability to engage.

However, the fact remains that several successful games have sacrificed solid foundations in the pursuit of a popular trend and failed to recover from the ordeal. Sacrificing of single player campaigns for derivative battle royale modes by CoD and Battlefield is one such move that continues to baffle.

Demos are not indicative of final games:

This claim is both baffling and worrying in equal proportions. Developers launching demos for players to try and experience slices of upcoming games is standard practice but the claim it doesn’t represent the final product is just plain illogical.If one were to test-drive a vehicle prior to purchase and if they were told that the test drive is not the same as when one owns the car, would one even consider purchasing it?


Hideo Kojima and his unending mysteries:

Kojima is gaming’s answer to Christopher Nolan, a game designer who enjoys a cult status. However, his games are just too dense and, at times, you can cut the plot with a knife and still not comprehend it.

I struggled to understand Metal Gear Solid V and with Death Stranding, the challenge seems to continue. With every phase of new promotional material only spinning our heads further, I wonder if we might have a better chance of decoding string theory.

While the number of anomalies in games far exceed the three discussed here, it is important to accept that games like life are convoluted and layered. Discussions around the challenges that we face as a community should take centre stage as we seek more engaging and fruitful experiences from our acts of leisure.

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