Boti: Taste that entices

Boti is one dish that has become the part and parcel of Telangana people’s life.

By   |  Published: 20th Dec 2016  11:00 pmUpdated: 21st Dec 2016  3:06 pm
Boti curry at a curry point in Karimnagar. Photo: By Arrangement

Karimnagar: With an enticing aroma that will tempt you to take a bite, Boti remains to be Telangana’s favorite dish.

Boti is a dish that has become the part and parcel of Telangana people’s life, especially those from north Telangana. The tradition is to mix Boti with ‘gudalu’ and serve it with toddy in functions.

Though the traditional dish was not forgotten, Boti became more popular during the time of Telangana agitation, with the organisers making it a point to prepare Boti fry at every Telangana vantakala (dishes) festival.

Boti is also known as the favorite dish of the poor and labourers. These days it has become easier for people to get the prepared food from curry points. The management of Sri Latha Fast Food Center, located in Jyothinagar of Karimnagar town, sells at least 5 kg Boti fry every day.

Center owner Hanumantha Rao says that people love their Boti fry which is prepared with quality oil and other ingredients. Srinu, a chef in the hotel, says that he ensures to fry it properly since a majority of the customers consume it as a snack with liquor.

On the other hand, every day, people would buy at least 50 kg of unprepared Boti from Mansa Mutton Shop in Karimnagar town. The owner of the shop Prakash says that besides supplying to hotels, he would also sell at least 20 to 30 kg Boti in his own shop.

Narender, a private employee, says the present generation women don’t know how to clean or fry it and hence they prefer to buy chicken and mutton curries which are way simpler to prepare.