Boxing his way to the top

Celebrity fitness trainer and avid boxer Vivek Teja, dishes on training actor Venkatesh for the film Guru and his Olympic dream.

By   |  Published: 2nd Apr 2017  3:24 am
Vivek Teja.

Chance encounters can change your life, and in Vivek Teja’s case, it holds even truer. The fitness trainer was doing his usual boxing pad work at the gym when he caught the eye of victory Venkatesh. Impressed by his skill, the actor requested Vivek to be his personal trainer for his fim Guru.

“Initially, I was surprised and thought he must be kidding. I could sense the seriousness only after I took up the challenge,” recalls Vivek who went onto train actors Rana Daggubati, Rakul Preet Singh, Ravi Teja and Sudheer Babu. Since Venky has to play a boxing coach, Vivek came up with various workout sessions and helped him to get into the skin of the character. The results are there for all to see as this is the fittest look Venky ever sported.

Monotony Is Passé

When it comes to training, Vivek believes in changing things up.  One day he got Venky to do pad and mitt work, the next day it was active stretching, crunches, leg lifts or cycling. He also worked on speed, power, endurance and flexibility in his training sessions with the actor. Vivek’s fitness journey began when he was eight. He started training in Karate and was so dedicated towards the martial art that he began to take part in competitions with the support of his parents.

Fit inspiration Vivek Teja strikes his signature pose with actor Venkatesh — Photos: Surya Sridhar

“Since childhood I was passionate about various martial arts and wanted to learn each of them. I learnt Kalaripayattu in Kerala, Muay Thai in Thailand and boxing in the US,” says the 24-year old from Nalgonda. Proficient in all martial arts, he has won 26 gold medals in state, national and international championships altogether.

But the laurels came after much struggle. Although he was good at martial arts, he was unable to attract sponsors and was relying on his parents for finances. “I’m training in boxing for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and hoping to get some sponsors. Right now, I’m able to make up 50 per cent of my expenses through freelancing,” says Vivek who wishes to start a martial arts academy with international standards. “I want to train the underprivileged who have talent but can’t afford training and make them champions,” says Vivek who hopes to popularise martial arts.

Workout Regime

Vivek starts his day by 5 in the morning. Through some cleverly time management, he works out for six hours a day and trains others for five. “By 6’o clock, I reach Shaikpet for boxing training under the former national chief coach, E Chiranjeevi for two hours.” After a quick meal, he goes to Jubilee hills for weight training and in the evening does boxing for two hours. In the intervals, he trains other at the gym.

Diet Sheet

Breakfast (pre workout): Two glasses of lukewarm water with lemon and honey, a fruit and three scrambled egg whites

After workout: protein shake, six egg whites and 25 almonds

After an hour of workout: Vegetable juice

Lunch: Quinoa/brown rice with cabbage with 250 gms of boiled chicken.

Snacks: Green tea, two brown bread slices with peanut butter

Dinner: 200 gms of fish and vegetable salad and a fruit.

For Beginners

  • In terms of diet, one can replace their tea with green tea.
  • It’s preferable to take carbohydrates at noon than in the evenings so fat doesn’t get stored in your body.
  • When hungry, grab a fruit or pick a few nuts instead of cheesy fries.
  • Avoid fats and include protein in your diet

Step-by-step Guide: Self Defence

Using his martial arts training, Vivek has designed unique self-defense techniques and trained more than 12,000 women in various colleges with the support of Nalgonda District Superintendent of Police.

According to him, there are many things that we carry on our person which can be used to defend ourselves in case of any danger.

For instance, you can use a cable to hit them quickly and escape or use your bike keys to poke their eyes. Even paper can come in handy. Take the paper and roll it as much as you can. Twist and bend it. Make sure you can hold the two corners and pop it on their eyes or face. It’s the toughest tool you can find in no time. 

  • Throat Grab Attack: If someone grabs your throat, do not move left or right, it actually helps the person tighten their hand. Instead, bend and make a quick move between their two hands.
  • An Attack From Behind: Just bend forward and pull their pant in an upward direction so that he will lose control and fall on ground.
  • Wrist Grab Attack: Just twist your arm in the opposite direction if someone holds your hand.
  • Two Hand-wrist Grab Attack: If someone holds your wrist with both hands, use your other hand to hold the captured hands’ fingers and pulling them up.
  • 4Acid/knife Attack: Cover your face, turn back and bend.