​7-year-old boy found murdered in Hyderabad, police detain uncle

A 7-year-old boy was found murdered and his body abandoned at Rein Bazar on Friday. Police suspect ​the child ​was murdered by his uncle over a property dispute.

By Author  |  Published: 22nd Sep 2017  4:42 pmUpdated: 23rd Sep 2017  12:37 am
Boy Found Murdered in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A seven-year-old boy paid the price of vengeance with his life after his uncle decided to take revenge on his parents for the death of his son 10 years ago.

Mir Abbas Hassan Rizvi, 7, was found with his head smashed in a graveyard at Rein Bazaar on Friday morning. According to the police, Abbas, son of Mir Shabbir Hassan Rizvi, was a Class II student at a private school in Moula Ali, where he lived with his parents.

Every year, Abbas’s family and relatives would visit Yakutpura to offer prays at the Bibi-ka-Alawa in Dabeerpura where his grandfather Mir Qamar Hussain Razvi is the ‘Alambardar’ of Bibi-ka-Alawa. The family used also participate in a procession carried out from Ashoor Khana with an elephant. The family came down to Dabeerpura a couple of days ago.

On Friday morning, between 3.40 am and 4.30 am, while his grandfather and others were busy decorating the ‘Alam’ at Ashoor Khana, Abbas’s uncle Jawed, 40, allegedly kidnapped him. Jawed is the brother-in-law of Shabbir.

“Abbas was playing at Ashoor Khana, when Jawed lured by offering him fruit juice from a nearby shop. He took him to the graveyard in Naga Bowli where he attacked him with a boulder. His head was smashed and death was instant,” said Inspector Mohammed Abdul Javed of Rein Bazar police station.

Police said Jawed returned to Bibi-ka-Alawa and when he was asked about the boy, he feigned ignorance. “His parents searched for Abbas till 7 am and then lodged a complaint. Locals alerted us about a child’s body in the graveyard,” police said. Police also retrieved CCTV footage from the locality, which showed Jawed and Abbas together.

Jawed, on questioning, confessed to the killing, the Inspector said. The motive behind the murder, he said, was the death of his one-year-old son 10 years ago. The child drowned in a water sump in Rizvi’s house at Moula Ali and Jawed believed that Abbas’s parents were responsible for it. “He killed Abbas to avenge his child’s death,” police said. Jawed is reportedly in custody, but police are yet to announce an arrest.