Breaking patriarchy & stereotypes with her kick

The city-based mother of two, Anita Peter is inspiring women with her multitalented skills

By   |  Published: 8th Jul 2020  7:21 pm

A motivational speaker, entrepreneur, actor, dancer, facilitator and biker. No, it’s not a wish list of separate individuals but the reality of a single woman. Acing all these professions, Anita Peter is also a proud mother of two and role model to many women. The TedX speaker believes that the greatest hurdle is people’s opinion and it is best to ignore them and do what makes you happy.

When Anita took an expedition on her bike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, she became an epitome of women empowerment. “The travel was a learning experience. It required finance, physical stamina, mental perseverance and good sleep as safety is the key. Rahul Mantripragada, Smriti Gattu and Nagarjuna Tummala made the journey worthwhile. We had no sponsors. And trust me, that makes it special when you spend what you have earned through your own hard work.”

Hyderabad-based facilitator is also the founder of LasyaDrutha, a centre for performing and fine arts which conducts classes in Mohiniyattam as the core dance form, Carnatic vocals, instrumentals veena, violin and flute. “Any form of art makes one stay connected with nature, its beauty and also helps you to be expressive. It is a therapy. We encourage learning even for the age of 50-plus. LasyaDrutha is a culture that instills the right values, respect and compassion,” said Anita who took dancing as a hobby to overcome her phase of depression.

While defining herself as perfectionist she said, “The ocean of knowledge is so vast. In this one life, I would like to do as much as I could. The most important fact or requirement is to be present in the moment you are in. Don’t jump from one to another without commitment. Attitude plays a vital role. Achievement depends on the standards you set for yourself.”