Buddha Jayanti celebrations at Ravindra Bharati

By Author  |  Published: 18th May 2019  7:37 pm

The Buddha — the very name spells calm and peace. Gautama Buddha, the Enlightened One, the one who attained wisdom under a Bodhi tree at Bodh Gaya, has led his life inspiring those in search of the ultimate truth. As part of its Buddha Jayanti celebrations, Telangana Tourism has organised a dance ballet titled Gupta Vasavadatta at Ravindra Bharathi. It was performed by well-known dancer Yashoda Thakore and her troupe.

Using the age-old excellent narrative technique, the dancers depicte the story of a dancer-turned-Buddhism follower well in the dance drama. The lithe movements, graceful postures and captivating expressions elevated the performance to a different level.