A bunch of ice-cream roses!!

Ice Creams now come in a new avatar, flattened and rolled up!

By Author  |  Shravya Aradhyam  |  Published: 31st May 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 31st May 2017  5:58 pm

Ice cream is the most favourite dessert for people of all ages. No matter what the occasion, people always find a way to celebrate with ice cream. And now, chefs around the world have found a way to make it even more interesting.

Technically called stir-fried ice cream, the ice cream roll is a hand-made dessert made by pouring milk on an iced grill and mixing it with fruit or different ingredients on the ice-pan. It is made on a teppan, or steel grill that is chilled to -35 °C.

A choice of soy or dairy milk is poured onto the cold grill and mixed with fruit, green tea, coffee or other ingredients; the mixture is chopped and stirred while crystallising, until creamy. It is said to have originated from Thai cuisine.

This trend is relatively new to India and has now caught the attention of ice cream lovers. There are about six parlours in Hyderabad only that sell rolled ice cream. The customers from these restaurants are all quite pleased by this new concept, though some urge the chefs not to experiment too much with regard to the flavours.

Mr Iscreamer’s Frozen Kingdom, located in Hitech City, is one of the few ice cream parlours in the city to make ice cream rolls. They sell the ice cream in flavours varying from mango, chocolate and Oreo to coffee and even Agra petha. Another eatery called Italian Pizzeria, located in Mehdipatnam is also famous for their rolled ice cream.

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