Buy organic dairy products, as unadulterated as possible

Try these offline and online places to buy organic dairy products

By Author  |  Published: 6th May 2018  7:38 pm
dairy products

Dairy is probably the most adulterated in the food category. So, switching to organic milk was but necessary for many. Gir cows and other Indian breeds’ milk is supposed to be even more beneficial.

The milk from traditional Indian cows, which have a hump, is called A2 milk. The benefits of A2 milk are many. It doesn’t have harmful proteins or compounds, which apparently the A1 milk has.

Organic cow milk has found its stronghold in the Indian market. Though bigger cities like Delhi and Mumbai have many places where A2 milk is easily available, Hyderabad is still trying to bring about awareness regarding this. Let us take a look at places where you can get your hands on this healthy product in Hyderabad.

SVS farms

They home deliver within city limits and vouch for their product. The unadulterated organic Gir cow milk is direct from the farm. Priced at Rs 130 per litre, SVS farms also sells ghee made in traditional wooden churners.


This brand offers not only organic cow milk but also other related dairy products like curd, ghee, butter, Rasgulla and paneer. They also deliver to home within the Hyderabad region. The price of milk is Rs 200 per litre.

Satvik organic

This online site delivers all over India. They have organic cow milk priced at Rs 90 per litre and also have other categories of organic products as well.