Buzz cuts for men

From David Beckham to Shahid Kapoor, everyone has given it a try, now it’s your turn

By Author  |  Published: 8th Jan 2018  11:24 pmUpdated: 8th Jan 2018  7:59 pm
Buzz cuts

Many people assume that there are not great options for men when it comes to styling. But, the celebrities have always proved them wrong. David Beckham, Aamir Khan, Zayn Malik, Shahid Kapoor have been spotted sporting buzz cuts, which have become a trend now. Trust us, the buzz cut suits all men and this does not need any special care. So, here are some buzz cut styles that you can give a try at least once.

Induction cut

This is one of the shortest haircuts. One can say that it is taken directly from the military. If you have noticed people working in the Army, their hair is trimmed really short. So, when you want to go for this specific cut, all you need to do is tell your hairstylist to maintain a balanced hair length. This becomes very important because otherwise it looks absurd.

Burr cut

This is the look that was sported by Brad Pitt recently. The hair is slightly longer than induction. It requires some constant maintenance. One should trim their hair regularly to keep the look. To make a style statement, one can always add stubble and it will also add some maturity to this specific hairdo.

High and tight cut

This specific haircut works better for short-length hair. This is slightly different from the other cuts. In this, the back and sides are trimmed, but the rest of the scalp is left the same. This is one of the latest fads that is trending. Actor Ryan Reynolds was spotted sporting this haircut. This haircut is versatile and adds length to shorter face shapes.

Crew cut

Looking for a perfect crew cut? Ask your hairstylist to trim the sides and back. For crew cut, the front hair is left slightly longer. It goes well for men who have big foreheads. To keep the crew cut in place, it is advisable to use a hair gel.