Buzzing first meal

Lifestyle changes have also changed how we look at breakfast options across the globe

By Author  |  Published: 3rd Dec 2018  6:41 pm

Breakfast sets you for the day. It is effectively the umbrella term for protein pot, veggie bowls, pancakes and, of course, traditional crowd-pleasers such as idly vada, and dosa. While, earlier it was common practice to skip this meal, it’s not the case anymore.

Youngsters have played a great role in changing the breakfast segment. The reasons are varied, some are health freaks, some tech savvy and just want to save their time, others travel often and get exposed to the other lifestyles around the world, which tends to affect how they approach their diet. Breakfast the world over has gotten quite a turnround.

Nutritionist and fitness trainer, Marshal Michael says no matter whether it’s a grab-and-go snack to a sit-down feast. It shouldn’t be skipped. “We should never skip our breakfast. As we sleep our body is at rest for eight hours and goes into catabolic mode.”

Marshal further says that breakfast, the first meal of the day should be always healthy and include protein and carbohydrates. “Most of them skip their breakfast due to insufficient time, but you can always rely on oats, muesli, brown bread, peanut butter, quinoa, protein shakes, nuts and a variety of eggs,” suggests Marshal.

Even at rush hours, people are understanding the importance of breakfast, and choosing easy and quick methods to make it, in order to withstand their day till noon.

Madhuri Pachigolla who makes a quick breakfast along with lunch in the morning before heading to work at Fernandez hospitals says, “People’s attitude towards health is growing. At the same time, quick and instant recipes are preferred for breakfast. It’s why I make instant dosas, which hardly takes an hour to ferment, simple pancakes, quick sandwiches, and toasts with chocolate sauce/butter/omelet/avocado with any fruit juice.”

The past few years, India has also witnessed an expansion of restaurants, and quick service restaurant chains. They respond to the busy pace of modern life, and evolving attitudes towards healthy eating.