Call us disabled, not differently-abled: Rahul Bajaj

By   |  Published: 13th Dec 2017  11:50 pmUpdated: 13th Dec 2017  11:52 pm
FLO Members Group Picture with Rahul Bajaj and Ritika Sahni

Hyderabad: Calling people with disabilities ‘differently-abled’ is akin to calling developing countries ‘poorly resourced’, which is meaningless and does more harm than good, lawyer Rahul Bajaj told a gathering of women entrepreneurs here on Wednesday.

Bajaj, who was born blind and insists that he refers to himself as blind and not ‘differently-abled’, was delivering a talk for FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) on disability and related issues.

“I must submit that having any kind of physical or mental disability in India is a major challenge in itself. To say that the only disability is a bad attitude is in a way downgrading for the disabled. Having any disability is a terrific challenge to overcome, what with problems of ignorance and lack of access rampant here. Having said that I would like to agree that disabled people have the choice to be positive and fight it out, even though it is rather tough,” said Bajaj, who won a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford University in October this year.

Mumbai-based Ritika Sahni, who works to spread awareness on issues of disabled persons, also spoke on the occasion, on behalf of Trinayani, an NGO she founded in 2006.