Movie Review: Can say ‘raanu’ to ‘Raa Raa’

Film: Raa Raa; Director: Shankar; Cast: Srikanth, Naziya, Seetha Narayana, Shakalaka Shankar, Venu Tillu, Getup Srinu.

By Author  |  Published: 23rd Feb 2018  8:42 pmUpdated: 23rd Feb 2018  8:50 pm
Raa Raa

After a brief hiatus, actor Srikanth returns as the solo hero with ‘Raa Raa’, an interesting part of which is that it has no credit in the director’s name.

The film’s plot revolves around Raj Kiran (Srikanth), a failed film director and his love drama with a ghost Madi Vadani (Naziya). Raj Kiran visits a haunted house with his team to make a horror movie which subsequently ends up in the team getting house arrested by ghosts. Other characters join in the proceedings and their entry has Raj Kiran deciding to picturise a movie with the help of ghosts.

The movie has an interesting storyline but fails to fire properly. Though the motivation behind the production is to make a horror-comedy film, it loses its focus given the high dependency on comedy and absence of elements that could bring the audience to the edge of the seat and make them scream in horror.

In the first half, the comedy tracks on Venu Tillu and Getup Srinu and the ghost avatars portrayed by Raghu Babu, Hema and team fail to generate the planned laughter and become loud. Some of the aspects of the movie such as kabaddi and football between humans and ghosts are interesting but become routine and fail to impress.

While the first half ends on a sedate note, the actual story comes into focus in the second half and enlivens the proceedings to some extent with the help of Shakalaka Shankar. However, what makes Raj Kiran complete the movie with ghosts could have been told a little more convincingly.

Acting wise, Srikanth scores big with his presence while Naziya impresses with her looks. However, as a ghost, her acting gives no chills. The other heroine Seetha Narayana also does not infuse much life into the proceedings. Among all the comedians, Shakalaka Shankar receives positive marks as ‘Bumper Star’.

Music by Rap Rock Shakeel is good and the production values of M Vijay are impressive.