Cancer awareness crucial

There has not been much innovation in clinical aspects like new surgery techniques and chemotherapy to treat cancers, say doctors.

By   |  Published: 3rd Feb 2017  11:24 pmUpdated: 4th Feb 2017  10:35 pm
Cancer survivors with formar Mrs India Shilpa Reddy at an event at KIMS Hospitals on Friday.

Hyderabad: Environmental factors like air and water pollution, prolonged, uncontrolled diabetes and unhealthy lifestyle have become an ideal concoction to fuel cases of cancer in India, oncologists on the eve of World Cancer Day said.

According to estimates, the number of cancer cases in many countries including India is expected to rise by 70 per cent in the next two decades. There is a projection that says cancer will become a bigger problem than cardiac and kidney ailments in the coming years.

So what can be done to keep a tab on the numbers?
“Awareness programmes on a large scale by government and private sector is the only way out. After reaching a certain age, people should subject themselves to tests for various types of cancers that will help in early diagnosis,” says senior surgical oncologist, Yashoda Hospitals, Dr. K Srikanth.

The oncologist pointed out that while diagnostic tools, capable of detecting cancer at an early stage are available, there has not been much innovation in the clinical aspects like new surgery techniques and chemotherapy to treat cancers.

“We can now order tests to diagnose some cancers through blood and tissue analysis. Majority of surgeons prefer minimally invasive surgeries to avoid damaging the good tissue,” Dr. Srikanth said.

Stress a trigger

Stress too plays a vital role in triggering cancer.  “Humans are under stress all their lives. From childhood, stress starts in schools, continues in adolescence and later we face work related stress. Such conditions trigger smoking, overeating and substance abuse and by the time they hit the age of 40 years or 45 years, they end up with cancer,” he added.