‘Car shoes’ to save migratory crabs from getting crushed

By Author  |  Published: 21st Jan 2020  6:28 pm

A lodge owner in the wilderness of Australia’s Christmas Island has come up with an ingenious technological hack to save migratory crabs from getting crushed under cars.

According to the New York Post, Chris Bray, the owner of Swell Lodge has fitted “car shoes” that resemble train snow ploughs in front of his car tires that would safely nudge away the crustaceans which cross the Christmas Island forest in millions to reach the shore-line in order to breed.

The crabs march through the roads in order to reach their destination which inevitably puts them at the risk of getting run over by vehicles.

New York Post quoted what Bray told a news agency, “When the crabs are in full migration, [the national park] closes the roads to allow the crabs safe passage.”

“While some guests love to walk in through all the crabs, staff — as well as supplies, guests bags and elderly guests, etcetera — are not able to walk in. So, I had to develop this crab-safe attachment system — the ‘crab-mobile’ — to enable us to keep running the lodge during migration, so we can get guests, supplies and staff to/from the lodge without impacting the crabs.”

The concerned lodge owner said that a lot many people had tried their hand at finding a viable solution, but none have succeeded till now. He believes that his invention “actually does the trick”.