Cheers to a cheesy meal

Indulge in some of the authentic flavours from Genoa at Prego, The Westin

By Author  |  Published: 21st Mar 2019  6:11 pmUpdated: 21st Mar 2019  6:49 pm

Soft music in the background, well-lit pool-side seating, a kitchen that’s surprisingly non-chaotic, and a chef who greets you with his polite-warm smile Prego, The Westin, always caters the best food ‘and’ experience. If you are someone who love to enjoy luxurious, exotic food, this is the place for you.

Apart from its usual splendour, Prego has something more special going on in its kitchen. Antonello, a chef born in Genoa and who has a natural gift of blending passion with flavour, has made his visit to Prego. In the name of ‘Taste of Genoa’, Chef Antonello is all set to transport us to, what can only be described as a, gourmet heaven. So, people, get ready to relish the specially-curated menu with some of the chef’s signature dishes.

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But, first, allow us to take the liberty of giving shout-outs to some of the must-try dishes from the special menu. Sicilian Parafait — a dessert which is very close to the chef’s heart. Why? Because Antonello’s mother is from Sicilia and he wanted create something in her memory. And why do we start with a dessert shout-out? Again, because Kuch meeta hogaye is something that’s always in the back of our minds. Coming back to this Sicilian dessert, it has got this rich texture of a solidified ice cream and taste that reminds us of the goodness of our childhood favourite — milky bar. It is a must-try in the dessert section. Also, while you are there, end your meal on a traditional note with Tiramisu whose taste would linger on your palate for a while.

Now, coming to the ‘cheesy’ part of the menu, every dish is a masterpiece. It’s either chef’s magical craft or the goodness of cheese or, may be, a wonderful combination of both that resulted in the wonder which is now on your plate. The Focaccia Formaggio Di Recco, cheese filling sandwiched between two layers of paper-thin dough (it’s basically stuffed pizza that is going to blow your mind and palate), the enchanting Red wine risotto is a special dish for the risotto lovers are the best picks for vegetarians.

Non-vegetarians, brace yourself for the best Italian feast ever! The Confit Tuna with Black Olive Caviar, baked stuffed trout with parma ham crust and country garlic, and Pescatore would work as catalysts in transporting you to the promised gourmet heaven.

The menu is already being lauded by the foodies and the experts alike. Grab your plate before it’s too late as this exotic feast ends on March 25. Bon appetit!