Chhichore: A college drama that fails to inspire

It is a script that mildly touches but fails to caress. It is a cinema makersview of hostel life and college campus stances that is more from imagination than from a real college scenario.

By Author  |  Published: 6th Sep 2019  7:23 pm

Student of the Year meets Three Idiots for a treatise on performance pressure on the adolescent particularly by successful parents. This in a line is what the film yarns and yawns for nearly two and half hours.

It is a script that mildly touches but fails to caress. It is a cinema makersview of hostel life and college campus stances that is more from imagination than from a real college scenario. Also it is signature Bollywood college and larger than life drama where the college has the good guy the bad guy, the rich guy the poor guy, the all-rounder, the villain, the comedy side kick, the hung on sex guy, the liquor addict, the scared of parents guy, the wroth falling for gal. Name and stereotype and you have not far to search.

The film starts with Anirudh (Sushant Singh Rajput), a single parent indulging his son who is nervous about the impending exam results. The boy is sharing time with Dad and Mom Maya (Sharadha Kapoor). The couple now divorced are however civil to each other. The son cannot take failure and jumps off a multi storeyed building and is rushed to hospital with multiple injuries, a brain injury and also multiple organ failures. The Doctor (Shishir Sharma) does all he can to get the boy back on track. His diagnosis points to the fact that the patient is unwilling to fight and has lost the desire to live. Dad a busy professional and Mom face the tragedy with part courage part hope till Anni decides to tell his life at the college campus and how success is not all important.

We have now reels and reels of the various characters:Sexa (Varun Sharma), Derek(Tahir Raj Bhasin), Mummy (Tushar Pandey), Bevda (Saharsh Shukla), Acid (NaveenPolishety) and the like coming with their warts and their warmth. The flash back is presented to the ailing patient in the ICU with the hope that he is inspired and finds enough reason to live. For well over two hours and more, Nitesh Tiwari (director) vacillates from the college campus to the ICU where the reunion of the hostel mates helps unfold the story that happened many decades ago. It talks about how they were all members of the poorly graded hostel renamed as Losers. Were they Losers? At the annual sports championship they have always had the wooden spoon. Would they rewrite history and win the championship?

The cast makes up for the script. Without exception every one puts in their best and add a certain sincerity to the script that energises it. There is hardly any chemistry between Sushant and Shradha. Sharadha slips into the script and her character without much ado and ensures that there is nothing in the character that reveals the star. Varun Sharma is having a dream run. Prateek Babbar has a negative role with some amount of flesh. Yet again the character is poorly etched but he does all he can to bring it alive. Negative roles are not a bad option for the actor with limited success this far. Sushant tires his level best to be like Aamir in Three Idiots and often succeeds. He will do well to get into his own and not ape the Khan.

The film has a different set of clichés but yet clichés is the stated formula. The film also seeks inspiration from the good looser theory so well celebrated in sport when the world applauded New Zealand over England. Here verbose, here pretentious but overall watchable thanks mainly to the actors this nostalgia from college cinema is not enough to scream against the competition pressure at academics and not mild enough to ignore.

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