Choosing safe baby products for delicate skin and hair

Make smart choices when it comes to picking products for your baby's skin and hair

By Author  |  Published: 15th May 2019  10:38 pmUpdated: 16th May 2019  4:06 pm
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Just like we take care of babies during summer to keep their bodies cool and refreshed, it is important to pay attention to their scalp and hair to keep dry and flaky skin at bay, which is a common concern among newborns.

A baby’s delicate skin is highly susceptible to certain skin conditions along with sweating, especially during seasonal changes. This makes it imperative for parents to practice and incorporate a hair care routine to soothe their tender scalp and ensure healthy hair.

“Proper hair care helps in keeping the hair shiny and healthy. Using a shampoo and baby oil that include parabens and SLS/SLES is not the best option for your little one. Instead, it is advisable to use products infused with herbs that help keep the skin nourished,” says Dr Subhashini NS, ayurveda expert, The Himalaya Drug Company.

Here are two key points that will help you choose the right products for your baby’s hair and scalp:

Oil massage

While massaging baby’s body, concentrate on the scalp as this helps improve blood circulation. Flaky skin and cradle cap can be managed by gently massaging the scalp with an oil. An oil massage also helps promote sound sleep. It is advisable to use a baby oil which is free from mineral oil and lanolin and is enriched with olive oil and winter cherry. Vitamin E in olive oil helps soften the skin and winter cherry helps soothe the skin.

Nourish the scalp

Use a shampoo to nourish the hair and scalp: You can opt for a shampoo or a head-to-heel baby wash to clean the hair and scalp. Use a shampoo that can nourish baby’s hair without causing any irritation or tears. A shampoo containing chickpea, a natural source of protein, helps condition and moisturise the hair, and hibiscus helps nourish the hair. For a baby wash, you can opt for one that is infused with watermelon and neem. Watermelon helps keep the skin and scalp refreshed and Neem helps protect the skin.