Choosing the right cream

Applying a wrong cream on your face may result in side-effects and make the skin lose its original texture.

By Author   |   Published: 2nd Jan 2017   11:11 pm Updated: 2nd Jan 2017   9:19 pm

Two things women are always confused about what is right to choose and what is not are lingerie and face cream. So, keeping this is mind, leading beauty product retailers have come up with BB, CC and DD creams which are suitable for all skin types. If you ever thought about what were those flesh-coloured fluids in a cosmetics store, let us tell you that they are nothing but these cream-based foundations. But, what do they all do? What’s the difference between them and, most importantly, which one should we use? Relax while we break it down for you.

BB cream (beauty balm)
These beauty balms are creamy and are a mix of moisturisers. It offers daily protection against the sun with benefits like SPF and anti-oxidants. It also provides that extra hydration and a little bit more coverage than a tinted moisturiser.
This can be used as a part of daily wear makeup as it suits all skin tones. The cream is just a supplement to enhance your facial features and cannot be used in place of other anti-ageing creams or serums as it doesn’t have a high concentration of those ingredients.

CC cream (colour correcting)
The colour correcting cream is light weight and fast absorbing. It has light diffusing particles and more of a whipped, light, fluffy feel. It is just like an improvised and new version of a BB cream. It corrects dark spots, and tones the skin into a lighter texture. Hence, it can be used for parties as it can make your skin tone look good.

DD cream (daily defence)
This is slightly different from BB and CC creams and the product is not as popular in the market as its siblings. Even this cream is a mix of SPF and moisturiser to protect the skin from losing its moisture. It balances uneven skin tone. All these creams are safe to be applied for every skin tone as they are nothing but foundation creams mixed with moisturiser, SPF and others anti-oxidants.