Climate change to affect our favourite food

Beer to tea and coffee, everything is going to become a delicacy in the near future

By Author  |  Published: 8th Sep 2019  8:03 pmUpdated: 14th Sep 2019  12:08 pm

Humanity has to, sometimes, mould according to climate change and adapt to new living conditions. Due to fluctuations in the temperature, farmers and researches are anxious about the future of popular foods. There is an opinion that an average man cannot purchase some products as they are too rare or expensive.

One has to forget about casually nibbling over some chocolate because finding anything looks impossible. This situation can be daunting. Although cacao trees are not affected by high temperatures, they require abundant rainfall and high humidity. Extreme weather is not expected to be accompanied by heavy rains. These conditions can negatively impact cocoa production and result in one million fewer tons of powder, truffles, or bars of chocolate per year.

Beer! Yes, beer, the most preferred alcohol all over the world, can affect droughts that can lead to a 3-17% loss in barley and hop yields depending on the severity of the conditions. So, it’s time to forget catching up with an old friend while sipping on your favourite beer.

A cup of tea after a long busy day can be relaxing. But hold on… It seems that we will have to look for other methods to please our minds. Specialists confirm that the tea sector will be greatly impacted by climate change if no preventive measures are taken.

Rice crops are also under the threat of decline by 40%. Rice can become less nutritious because of the rising concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So, people who rely on rice have to depend on other ways to avoid health-threatening difficulties.

Wheat crops have already been negatively affected. This means that bread, roti and various baked foods can become a delicacy for our children, or even us. According to a study, we are at risk of losing at least 1/4th of our global wheat production. So, make the most of everything while you can.