Clock Tower, an icon of Karimnagar

The Clock Tower, which was constructed in 1928 by the British Collector Hunter is one of the most famous landmarks in the district.

By   |  Published: 30th Dec 2016  11:00 pmUpdated: 30th Dec 2016  8:58 pm
Clock Tower in Karimnagar. Photo: By Arrangement

Karimnagar: Tower circle is a well-known place that is remembered frequently by the people of Karimnagar town. It is one of the famous landmarks in the district. The historic structure became a prominent icon as the entire market expanded around it.

The square type structure holds four clocks on its top displaying time. Although covered by high raise buildings now, it was the tallest structure when it was constructed in 1928. The British Collector Hunter is said to have constructed it.

Almost all the processions including the Ganesh immersion starts from this place and passes through another landmark ‘Khaman’, which is located at the entry point of the town from Hyderabad side.

According to historians, Sheik Saleh Khan who was the Nizam’s Karimnagar in-charge then constructed Khaman in 1937 to invite the Nizam’s seventh ruler Meer Osman Ali Khan, who visited the district on the occasion of the silver jubilee celebrations of his rule. Osman Ali Khan visited clock tower and other places in the district.

He was the first king to visit Karimnagar after shifting the district headquarters from Elagandula (Aripirala) to Karimnagar in 1905. Krishna Prasad, Minister in the Nizam Government developed Karimnagar under the name ‘Kareemullah Shaw’.

Speaking to us, Kishan Reddy, a history lecturer in Women’s Degree College, said that Meer Osman Ali Khan, who came to power in August 29, 1911, succeeding the sixth king Meer Mahaboob Ali Khan, ruled the Princely State of Hyderabad princely up to 1948. Though he completed silver jubilee in 1936, he postponed the celebrations for a year since the king of the Briton died. As part of the celebrations, he constructed a Jubilee hall in Hyderabad and other structures.