Clothes maketh the man

From being a teenager to a young man, the choice of dressing can drastically change the way one perceives you

By Author  |  Lekha  |  Published: 8th Jan 2018  11:23 pmUpdated: 8th Jan 2018  7:54 pm

If you are a young adult (below 25) and want to be taken seriously at workplace, there are a few guidelines to follow.

The hairstyle: Be it long or short, remember to always keep the tresses simple. Neatly trimmed hair will never go out of fashion.

No baggy clothes: Though these are very popular with the age-group in question, keep them for a more casual outing. Over-sized clothes are never the right choice for formal wear.

Well-fitted suit: Everyone should have that oncular suit that makes him look dapper. It need not be an expensive designer one but the fit should be right.

Colours: It is not weird to want to wear colourful outfits, especially when you are young and carefree. But, stay away from too flashy and gaudy colours and designs. No matter however young you are, these are never alright at a workplace.

Accessories: Many brands are offering formal watches and belts for a reasonable price; it’s easy on the wallet. Pick a serious and classic watch, belt and wallet to give a matured impression at meetings.

Footwear: Be comfortable in your own shoes was said for a reason. This accessory is the first thing that a majority of people notice at the first glance. Refrain from overly pointy ones and excessive designs. A simple slip-on or standard lace ones are the easy choices to bet on. Lucky for men, black and brown coloured shoes go with almost any outfit.

Grooming: It is okay to sport long beard or moustache as long as they are neatly presented. Use of good products for yial hair will keep them tamed. Over powering perfumes with bizarre fragrances indicate that you are trying too hard to fit in. Opt for a subtle and aqua tone of fragrance to create a pleasant aura.