Club music out of tune

Three clubs members gave a memorandum to the Returning Officer of Tuesday’s elections on the ownership of multiple clubs menace.

By Author  |  Published: 19th Jan 2017  7:53 am
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Hyderabad: A small section is up in arms raising a protest on the impact of having multiple clubs in the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) elections. Although the Ranga Reddy District court-ordered elections were held on Tuesday, the results and the subsequent fate of the new body hangs in the balance because of the Lodha Committe’s directives.

However, three clubs members — RM Bhaskar, C Babu Rao and Chitti Sridhar — gave a memorandum to the Returning Officer of Tuesday’s elections on the ownership of multiple clubs menace. They feel a handful of club secretaries are ruling the roost in the HCA by owning multiple clubs in the names of their family members and close relatives.

According to Bhaskar, this small group is doing more damage to the game as they blackmail the ruling party with their show of strength. “They have at least 50 to 60 clubs at their disposal. A few of them own more than five to six clubs. They make a huge influence on the affairs of the association.

“Even in this election, a wife of a vice-president even contested the post of treasurer’s post as her husband was not eligible for the election,’’ said Bhaskar.

Incidentally, a majority of them have already served the HCA as administrators for more than nine years and are ineligible for the elections. The three signatories fear these vested interests will run the show from behind.

The three club members also cited that as per the Lodha Committee recommendations, proxy voting is the bane of several cricket associations.

It has been quoted in the Lodha Committee that even the continuing existence of members is not confirmed, but coteries are promoted and candidates elected on the basis of signed proxy votes given, very often with the name of the proxy left blank to be filled later. This has given rise to unscrupulous practices that has now been brought to the attention of the courts.

The Lodha Committee has clearly stated that the State associations should do away with proxy voting.

The three members further stated that these multiple clubs, by continuously staying in the office for over ten years, are resorting to large-scale administrative and financial irregularities. “They are influencing the selectors in getting their children selected for state teams and thereby ruining the careers of several budding cricketers. They are posing serious hurdle in the development of cricket in Telangana State.’’

Bhaskar pointed out, in the name of development fund which was introduced a few years ago, these clubs make merry. “There is no development but in the name of development they nicely enjoy the monetary gains.’’