Coach approach to positive parenting

Mind Matrix Wellness Studio's seminar for parents focused on tools and techniques involved

By Author  |  Published: 25th Dec 2018  11:12 pm

Mind Matrix Wellness Studio, launched the Mind Matrix Hyderabad Chapter and conducted a Seminar on “The Coach Approach to Positive Parenting” for parents at Hotel Marigold. World renowned master trainer for NLP and founding chairperson of Makani Academy and International Coach and Trainers Association (ICTA) Mind Matrix Wellness Studio, Jack Makani; Kusum Gandhi Vig, an accredited trainer with ICTA institute (International Coach & Trainer Association, Europe) and a counselling psychologist; Hyderabad Chapter directors of Mind Matrix, Venu Gorthi, T Satish Kumar and Mahua, attended along with several parents, wanting to know about parenting.

Speaking on the occasion Jack Makani said that parenting has never been easy and it’s the endeavour of every parent to give their best to their kids. ‘The Coach Approach to Positive Parenting’ will equip the parents with techniques and tools to make parenting easy. “It’s not that parents don’t love their children, it’s just that they are not aware as to how to handle them. The parents should develop their ability to listen to children, ask the right questions to know their mind, help negotiate inner conflicts, suggest change in their perspective — all this is possible when the parents look at the world from the child’s perspective,” he said.

Kusum Gandhi Vig, said that Positive Parenting programme, developed by the University of Queensland, has shown several encouraging results. The Coach approach is not about changing your child or what your child does, but about changing your responses and communication with your child.

Kusum also announced Holistic Wellness introducing the concept of ‘WeCare for Holistic Wellness of Your Family’. The two-hour seminar covered a series of techniques, tools, and attitudes which will help people to improve their results in areas of parenting. The objective of the seminar was to easily equip people with tools and techniques for causing simple changes within their family and help in inculcating values in their children, that will help the child not only to lead a path of holistic wellness but also help the ecology of the family enhancing mental wellness.