Cocktail: Non-pretentious light-hearted tale

A typical Tamil comedy, ‘Cocktail’ is meant for audience who enjoy a few laughs at one-liners

By   |  Published: 10th Jul 2020  8:22 pmUpdated: 10th Jul 2020  8:33 pm

Vijaya Murugan offers a typical comedy from the Tamil film industry. It is a genre that has found acceptance and garnered a huge viewership. It is a no-nonsense (in fact, full of it) film designed to let go of common sense, have a few laughs and, if you are one who is in sync with the genre, enjoy the goings on as long as it lasts. The stance is clear, non-pretentious and is meant for a niche audience that takes to lighthearted tom foolery and a few laughs at one-liners rather than looks deep into the art and craft of the medium of cinema.

Four friends, headed by Don (Yogi Babu), are having a bachelors’ party just before the engagement of Anbu (Mithun Maheshwaran) with Tamizheni (Meghana Ellen), the daughter of Rajamanickam (Sayaji Shinde), the local Inspector. After a night of heavy drinking and a cocktail without meaning, they wake up to find a body in the flat. The other two friends are Pandi (Bala) and Age (Kawin). The body is of a girl about whose disappearance the Inspector is called upon to investigate.

A ‘panchaloha’ statue valued at a few billions earlier lost and retrieved and stolen again is to be retrieved by the police. Inspector Rajamanickam announces that they have retrieved the lost idol by placing a false one to confuse the guys who are in possession of the actual idol. They are on the run to quickly dispose of the idol and make the quick safe buck.

The two teams clash on the roads as both are trying to escape from the police.  There is confusion.  While the gang of four is unaware of the idol being in the car trunk, nobody knows about the body being there or not being there.  If it isn’t there, then where is it? The irrelevant part of the story is who the mysterious girl is, who killed her and how her corpse landed at the house of the bachelor who had hosted the stag party.

The film is designedly lighthearted.  As long as the four guys are having fun, it is fun to watch.  Also, their amateur attempts to conceal and dispose of the body make for some lighthearted moments. The parallel story of the smugglers is also punctuated with humour with the gang leader (Mime Gopi) assisted by a blundering assistant Ganesh.

However, if you are one of those who believes in looking at even comedy from a sensitive view point, you will find the entire narrative irritating.  Films of this kind with a lot more class were made and situational comedy is so well-exemplified by Panchatantra.

Filmmaker Vijaya Murugan gets a cast in place and also a reasonable premise to build a comic-suspense tale.  He fails because he resigns too early to a non-descript, over-the-top narrative studded with one-liners and nothing more. This ‘Cocktail’ lacks sufficient percentage of what you want in the glass.

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