Colours of fantasy and glee

For he artist Godavarthi Venkatesh, the glass is always half full and that too with a sparking drink

By Author  |  Published: 5th Dec 2018  11:05 pm

Godavarthi Venkatesh is one of those blessed souls who discovered his passion very early in life. Art has always been his way of expression. Thanks to his parents, he was given professional training right from his kindergarten which helped him in coming up with his first expo at the age of 14.

Holding a master’s degree in Fine Arts, Venkatesh recently held his second solo show, Secret Melody, in the city which has received positive feedback from the public.

Now, as talented as this young artist is, it is rather surprising to find that not an inkling of sorrow is involved in any of his paintings. Every single art work of his is an embodiment of sheer happiness. No complicated emotions and no tragedy-driven strokes, they are just works of beautiful fascination.

The 25-year-old artist shares more about himself in this tête-à-tête with Tabloid Today.

Why art?

Born with hearing disability, Venkatesh found it difficult to express his feelings as a child. “Whenever I wanted to say something or want to communicate something to my parents, I just drew it. In fact, I improved my speech with the help of pictures. My mother used to draw pictures on a magic slate and I used to try and say what she drew. For example, I learnt to pronounce “apple” looking at the apple’s picture drawn by my mother,” he says.

As he grew up, there came a point where it became difficult for his mother to draw a few things; that’s when his parents resorted to a professional artist. And that’s how and why Venkatesh’s art journey kicked off.

First show

“Like any other artist, my early art works are all still-life paintings. The things I see and the feelings I felt, I just put everything in my paintings. You can say it is one of my traits,” says Ventakesh who displayed his early paintings at Kalakriti Art Gallery when he was just 14 years old.

Other interests

Venkatesh shyly admits that he was into fashion designing before getting fully sucked into the world of art. His mother still has those sketch books lying somewhere in the house. “I have done a sculpture when I was in Amsterdam. I went there to attend a class for six weeks, finished the course in four weeks. It was a full-figure sculpture. So, maybe, sculpting is something I enjoy apart from painting,” he shares.

Some people might say Godavarthi Venkatesh is too simple to be an artist. He is somebody who retires to bed early, rises early, picks up inspirations from the most pleasant aspects of life, and doesn’t really have his life all mapped out for the future. He likes to go with wherever life takes him.

Isn’t it liberating to know Venkatesh’s story? Check out his website for more of his works —