Concerted fight against COVID-19 need of the hour

A small non-living virus challenges entire global community for a fairly long time

By Author  |  S Ravichandran  |  Published: 13th May 2020  1:24 am
An invicible virus has been challenging the entire global community for a fairly long time.

COVID-19, the deadly disease caused by a draconian and deadly virus called Coronavirus, originated in China has been jittering almost all the global nations for the last six months. This casteless, religionless, classless and borderless leveller virus has been creating havoc in 212 countries of the world.

Of date, 2,84,022 deaths were reported from all over the world with the infection raising to nearly 42 million according to worldometers. The majority of deaths due to this deadly and minute virus are from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and other advanced countries.

But still, the count is increasing at an alarming rate. The economies of most of the countries are in peril due to various control measures such as country-wide or region-wide lockdowns observed by these affected nations. Many of the countries are still under lockdown because the infection rate is still high.

A great country like the United States of America is still struggling to find a cure for the disease. Though research for finding a vaccine is initiated by many nations, the solution seems to be still far. Nations agree that the vaccination may take a few months or say a few years. This will result in more deaths and the current facility for treating the disease affected are not sufficient even in developed countries.

The death rate of the globe due to this deadly virus is 6.8 per cent but the death rate in the USA is 5.9%, in the UK and France, it is a whopping 14.8%, Italy recorded 13.9%, etc. to name a few who have recorded very high deaths due to COVID-19, the disease caused by the deadly SARS-2 novel coronavirus. China, the origin of COVID-19 disease’s official death rate due to is 5.6 % only. (4,633 deaths out of the total 82,918 reported infected cases), which means that the country of origin recorded minimum deaths and there are not many new infections at present whereas other countries where the virus travelled has many deaths and still counting and the infection is also fast spreading to other nations. None of the countries was prepared for the destruction of human lives of this magnitude due to this small virus.

There were deaths due to viruses and other natural calamities including famines in earlier centuries but the magnitude of this devastation is unparalleled in the history of humankind. There was not even any lockdown for these many days on the earth. Economic activities are stopped in many countries for almost the last six months starting from November 2019 to date.
A few nations have been preparing to overpower few other nations militarily by way of new armaments but they were not at all prepared to face the eventualities due to an unknown enemy called “Virus”. The entire healthcare system even in advanced countries is a big challenge. Even hospitals with facilities to accommodate this big number of casualties were not planned by even the super-rich countries. At this time of the crisis, money has no value. Humanity is begging for lives and they are even throwing currency notes in many countries on the streets for life. They are looking for saviours who can save their lives in exchange for anything because money can be earned provided they are alive.

Humans never realised a virus, an infectious agent of small size and simple composition that can multiply only in living cells of animals, plants, or bacteria ( (2) can challenge the entire human race. Virologists define viruses as a non-living thing ( (3) also. A small non-living virus is challenging the entire global community for a fairly long time. The countries’ world over instead of finding solutions for COVID-19 are fighting for supremacy, blame game and have not even spared the global health organisation. Countries should sit together and discuss the issues threatening the planet earth and find a compromised solution such as finding a vaccine for the common enemy viz. coronavirus at this juncture.

World administration should concentrate on the main issue of finding a clinical solution to control the spread of the virus. Research and Development sectors should concentrate on this very issue for the immediate cure and countries should be prepared for future problems of this kind. Global financial institutions, healthcare organisations, NGOs should urgently meet and discuss the current global issues and then frame suitable policies so that the entire global population can avoid the risk emanating from the current virus and future problems if any.

Advanced nations should collaboratively research finding vaccines for this pandemic. Finding a vaccine will not only save the human beings of rich and poor nations. This would also save the global economy because most of the countries whether poor or rich, are in doldrums due to continuous lockdown. Education of 50% of students is also at risk because of the lockdown due to the pandemic.

Though the lockdown has affected global economic activities, it has helped to improve the quality of life of individuals because of the reduction in pollution levels all over the world. Animal and plant kingdoms are very happy because of the lockdown since the entire human population is homebound whereas birds, animals and other creatures are freely moving around.

Crop growth is also good during this lockdown period because of less pollution. Human beings also so far not bothered to protect other living beings. Humans should realise that we are all guests to this planet and we should allow co-existence of all the creatures on this earth.

Due to global climate change, catastrophes like cyclones, earthquakes and deadly diseases due to viruses and bacteria are bound to come very frequently in future and hence concerted efforts by all the nations irrespective of their sizes in terms of population, economy, and capability should come together and fight for the survival of everybody in a peaceful manner leaving all egos.

The coronavirus has taught a great lesson that everybody is equal in front of it. Human beings need to be fair irrespective of their standings and should provide equal opportunity for every nation to prosper without blaming each other and should live happily without destroying other creatures and plant earth.

Of late, many countries have gone for rapid industrialisation by destroying the environment, water tables have gone down in many countries, pollution levels have gone up to unimaginable levels and rampant construction activities in the majority of the countries. We should consider the present attack by the virus as a lesson and should concentrate on a happy, healthy and peaceful coexistence of all the living beings on this planet. Human beings should not aspire for many things that destroy our happiness.

Global healthy economies should hereafter concentrate on new inventions in healthcare by investing huge amounts and avoid concentrating on investing in weapons destroying the unity of the globe. To protect people from this deadly corona virus causing COVID-19 deaths, nations should concentrate on finding immediate vaccination. Till such time vaccination is invented, people of the countries should follow physical distancing norms along with non-pharmacological measures such as good sanitisation will be the ideal solution.

Mutual respect and co-existence should be a future theme. To achieve that, all the member countries should join and work together. The world population is endangered not only by viruses but in the future, we need to safeguard ourselves from threats due to climate and other changes also. Countries should work together to finding solutions to have a peaceful and happy life on this planet earth.

(Author is a scientist at ICAR)

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