Contradictions galore

TDP joining hands with Congress is a classic example of political opportunism which cannot expect to find resonance among the people

AuthorPublished: 1st Dec 2018  12:05 amUpdated: 30th Nov 2018  8:04 pm

The contradictions in the opposition Mahakutami camp are too glaring to ignore. If the Telugu Desam Party, founded and nurtured on a staple diet of anti-Congressism, joining hands with its long-time bete noire is a classic example of political opportunism, seeking votes of the people of Telangana after blatantly obstructing its development projects is a case of rubbing salt into the wounds. Providing another dose of delicious irony is Gaddar, a revolutionary balladeer who for decades campaigned against the Parliamentary democracy system but has now metamorphosed into an admirer of the Congress-led grouping from the sidelines, singing paeans of Sonia Gandhi. From inspiring the youth — through his powerful folk songs — to take to guns to overthrow the state to paying obeisance to the First Family of the Congress and seeking party tickets for his kin, Gaddar has come a long way. He has travelled the path of political paradox in the name of uniting the opposition parties. One wonders about the fate of hundreds of youth who looked up to him as a role model and went to the forests, drawn by the revolutionary ideology of capturing power through the barrel of a gun, so powerfully romanticised by Gaddar in his heydays. The admirers of his folk songs and his commitment to the revolutionary cause were distraught by the poem he penned to welcome Sonia Gandhi to Telangana for the election campaign and the kind of public statements he has been making in the poll-bound State.

The contradictions in the Kutami camp are not confined to political arrangement alone. It must be pointed out that the TDP had shot off over 30 letters to the Centre, raising objections to various irrigation projects initiated by the TRS government to bring about an agricultural revolution in the State and to ensure that water shortage would be a thing of the past. There were repeated attempts to stall bifurcation of the high court. On one hand, the TDP chief advocates optimum utilisation of Godavari River water by both the Telugu States but on the other, he has been opposing irrigation projects being built on the river in Telangana. This exposes his duplicity. Telangana has been planning to utilise water, which is being discharged into the sea, by constructing Kaleshwaram, Palamuru-Rangareddy, Sitarama and Thummilla projects. It is highly deplorable on the part of Chandrababu Naidu to have written letters to the Centre, opposing the Kaleshwaram project. His party was also thoroughly exposed in the ‘cash-for-vote’ scam in the 2015 MLC elections. Despite decades of antagonism that marked their relationship, the Congress and the TDP joined hands with the sole aim of unseating the TRS government. Such opportunistic alliances cannot expect to find resonance among the people.