Cool gadgets that keep track of laps across the pool

Check out these five must-have gadgets to elevate your workout in the water

By   |  Published: 6th Sep 2019  9:34 pm

If you’re someone who would pick a swim workout over a traditional workout, you would know that swimming burns a lot of calories, builds muscular strength and endurance. It also improves cardiovascular fitness, cools you off and refreshes you in summer and is the one workout that even the aged ones can do safely. But sometimes, swimming workouts can become boring, a break is definitely needed, thus bringing technology into the water.

FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 Player

For years, land-based athletes have had the luxury of listening to music during training in the gym or on the road. Well, now swimmers can too! The FINIS Duo is among the best waterproof MP3 players on the market, and has been designed with the swimmer’s needs in mind. It doesn’t use ear buds, which can easily fall out of your ears during swimming. Instead, it’ll clip to a user’s goggle strap and use ‘bone conduction audio transmission’ to deliver high-quality sound to the inner ear via the cheekbones. This helps in eliminating the fatigue or boredom that creeps into your swim session.

Swimovate Poolmate 2

Gone are the days when the only ways to record your number of lengths was by manually counting or by pressing a clicker at the end of each length. The Swimovate Poolmate 2 swimming watch will count strokes, laps, speed, distance, duration, efficiency, rest time and calories. A user can know exactly how many calories they’ve burned. Moreover, they can also use these readings as a goal to chase the next time they’re in the pool.

FINIS Tempo Trainer

Cool gadgets

The FINIS Tempo Trainer is a small gadget helping a user with pace training. This waterproof gadget can be fitted under a user’s swim cap or a goggle strap and acts as an electronic swim coach to help with pacing. It consists of various modes such as Lap Pacing Mode, Stroke Mode, which will help a user shape how many strokes they use per lap.

FINIS Swimsense Live

Cool gadgets

The FINIS Swimsense Live is a waterproof swimming watch that provides a user with detailed analysis on laps, time intervals, pace, distance per stroke and calories, which can also be viewed on your smartphone. It works with the FINIS Live app, available on the Apple App Store and also on Google Play.

Aqua Pulse

A good way to measure the intensity of a workout is by checking the heart rate. Generally, one has to stop and get out of the water to measure their heart rate by checking for the pulse which can become difficult to get out and then get back inside the pool. The solution to the problem is Aqua Pulse. It measures the heart rate by measuring the blood flow in your capillaries near the temples. It then reads out the heart rate for the user to hear.

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