To beat the heat

Gearing up for summers, people say it’s the time for ‘dessert’ coolers

By Author  |  Published: 20th Feb 2017  11:41 pmUpdated: 20th Feb 2017  10:02 pm
Workers fitting the coolers at the Uni Coolers factory at Kothirampur in Karimnagar. Photo: By Arrangement

Karimnagar: Due to the soaring heat people have started to unpack and clean the dust off their coolers and air conditions. While some people have already started to use coolers and ACs, a majority of them are still busy either in repairing the old or purchase a new one.

Since it’s not possible for many people to afford ACs, they depend on coolers to protect themselves from the scorching sun in the summer season. Likewise, the coolers manufacturing units are also busy in meeting the demand of the wholesale and retail customers.

Mohammed Abdul Ghani owner of Uni Coolers has been engaged in cooler production business for the last 15 years. He runs an industry at Kothirampur of Karimnagar town and has fitting unit near Karkanagadda Rythu bazaar.

Initially, he brought fitted cooler from Hyderabad and other places and sale it in Karimnagar.

Later, he established his own industry and began manufacturing coolers in the town itself by brining raw material from other places. In a season, he manufactures about 3,000 coolers.

Speaking to Tabloid Today, Ghani said that it requires 32 items to fit a cooler. While iron sheets, mesh and grass would be brought from Nagpur, motors and other material would be procured from Hyderabad. Besides erstwhile Karimnagar district, he supplies coolers to Siddipet and Warangal districts.

People seem to be more interested in purchasing desert coolers when compares to fibre ones. The advantage of this cooler is that the three sides of the body will be closed with grass instead of plastic screen. “The metal body of the cooler would not be heated even if the temperature was high,” he informed.