Copied or coincidence?

Netizens debate whether background music of Kalank teaser is a rip-off of Flash's theme music

By Author  |  Published: 14th Mar 2019  8:32 pm

The much-awaited teaser of the movie Kalank has finally released. The expectations have always been too high for this film right from the moment it has been announced. While people were enthralled with the mahogany of the sets and the stellar star cast, there was something that kept nagging at the back of the viewers’ mind with regards to the background music.

“Did I listen to this music before?” — that’s the common question. Turns out, Dharma productions has come up with music that is too similar to the Flash theme music. “Ye #KalankTeaser me The Flash ka BGM daal diya hai Indian version bana kar,” tweeted @AskRishabh.

And there were many tweets that followed expressing the shocking similarities between the two tunes. “The #KalankTeaser has ripped off the theme music from #TheFlash. How quintessentially Bollywood to even slow down the music for the world’s fastest man,” tweeted another user who is also a film critic @RajaSen.Now, could this be a case of blatant rip-off or a genuine coincidence? Only Karan Johar could have an answer to this.