Couples who sweat together, stay together

To make it interesting and stay motivated one can take up fun exercises together like squat hold and dips and side plank pass

By   |  Published: 25th Feb 2020  3:27 pm

It’s time to rekindle your love for each other with a twist of fitness. A partnership in any form, a gym partner or life partner, is always a beautiful aspect of life. It is said that your partner in crime brings out the best in you. Hence, ‘Couples Who Train and Sweat Together, Stay Together!’

Boost the happiness and health quotient in your relationship. Recent studies have indicated that couples participating together in any physical challenge or activity are more satisfied with their relationships and express love for their partner more often.

Here are some tips on how to work together as a couple towards your fitness goal, shared by Aman Puri, Founder, Steadfast Nutrition. Set fitness goals together and keep a check on it, working out together enhances the effectiveness of your workouts giving best of all results.

Life partners can be the ultimate fitness buddies as you can set a fitness goal together and keep a check on each other’s growth cycle. Keep pushing and motivating each other to achieve their respective fitness goals.

Inspiring one another to extend their limits and stretch beyond the set boundaries. To make it interesting and stay motivated you can take up fun exercises together like squat hold & dips, side plank pass, bodyweight squat, etc.

Spend time together binge-watching videos from your favourite fitness trainer and adapt a fitness routine which suits both the best. The time that you spend together can be utilised to know each other better both emotionally and physically. At times the stress of one partner gets neglected due to the fast pace of life so, fitness is one such element of life that bonds both back together.