Court-appointed panel to look into HCA affairs

The Bench directed the committee to form a new set of bye-laws for HCA

By Author  |  Legal Correspondent  |  Published: 13th Sep 2018  12:17 am
High Court of Hyderabad
High Court of Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A two-judge Bench of the High Court at Hyderabad comprising Justice V Ramasubramanian and Justice J Uma Devi on Wednesday said that a committee appointed earlier by the court will oversee the affairs of Hyderabad Cricket Association.
The committee comprises Justice Anil R. Dave (retired Judge of the Supreme Court), Justice G.V. Seethapathy (retired Judge of this Court) and Professor Ratnakar Shetty.

The Bench which was dealing with three applications in a PIL filed earlier complaining of murky affairs at the HCA. issued a series of directions to the Hyderabad Cricket Association.
Another Division Bench of the High Court had earlier appointed the said committee to ensure that the HCA fell in line with recommendations of Justice R.M. Lodha Committee.

Various voices representing various interests were before the court. Justice Ramasubramanian authoring the verdict said “Virtually more tournaments are now taking place in various Court halls than in the Cricket Stadium, the only difference being that the elected members of the Apex Council themselves have become players as well as umpires, trying to snatch away the trophy, viz., the office- bearer ship of the Association”.

The Bench made clear that the CEO of HCA would be reporting directly to said committee and adhere to the directions of the committee. The Bench directed the committee to form a new set of bye-laws prepared for HCA including all amendments suggested by the Apex Court and have these amended bye-laws registered with the Registrar of Societies, by having the same authenticated and presented to the Registrar of Societies through the CEO of HCA.

The Bench left it open to the committee to either take the assistance of the BCCI or a law firm or a lawyer and left it to the consideration of the committee for the terms if it employed a law firm or a lawyer.

“The task of shortlisting the players from the State of Telangana to be sponsored for various tournaments mentioned by BCCI in their applications, is also entrusted to the Committee. The Committee may be guided in this regard by the selectors/selection committees, who are normally involved in the process of shortlisting the players to be sponsored for tournaments”, the Bench said.

The Bench gave rights to the committee to conduct any tournament or Test matches, to have the forensic audit, conduction of fresh elections as per the bye-laws and also made clear that the committee would have all the powers of the Apex Council. The Bench further directed the Committee to file status reports before the court, once in two months, the first of such reports being filed immediately after the registration of the amendment to the bye-laws and after sponsoring players for the tournaments for the current cricket season.