Cultural collage

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Photo: Raja Deen Dayal

[email protected] chayachitra samaroh: This book broadly encompassess the nuances of the culture and heritage of Telangana and insights of the regional cultural revivalism. It is a compilation of eight photographic narratives, of expert photographers from Telangana, and an evocative concept formulated by B Narsing Rao.

Raja Deen Dayal

The pioneering photographer of Colonial India, Lala Deen Dayal was born in 1844 at Sardhana, Meerut district in UP. Having honed his skills as a painter, he started his voyage as commissioned photographer travelling and setting up large studios in Indore and Mumbai. It was during his stay in Mumbai, that Mahboob Ali Khan Pasha, Nizam VI, spotted him enabling him to enter the court of Nizams and set up yet another studio in Secunderabad. For his excellence he was given the title Musawwir Jung Raja Bahadur and later came to be known as Raja Deen Dayal. Some of his popular photographs are Musi floods at Tank Bund in 1908, Mir Alam Lake in 1890, The prime minister Maharaja Sir Kishen Pershad Bahadur witnessing ‘Langar Procession from his home’ in early 1900s, etc.

D Ravinder Reddy

For Ravinder Reddy, photography is not a mere documentation but a conscious effort, which evokes a sense of emotion. He considers that the process of photography itself is an aesthetic pleasure, where the seeing comes first and, later, the act of seeing as a derivative process often gets improvised, using various advanced techniques. Reddy’s photographic traits are not limited only to the family archives as he has been tested in the creative field of photography. He established art-photo studios equipped with advanced technology and produced a collection of wonderful photographs, not related to his nativity. He had extensively travelled to many countries carrying out several photographic assignments and his works have been published in several prestigious books ranging from cultural to historical associations.

B Narsing Rao

An internationally-acclaimed filmmaker, a poet par excellence and an artist who can use both the brush and the camera with the same poise is B NarsingRao. In the year 2015, Rao received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University. He is presently the founder trustee of the organisation [email protected] which was formed with the sole intention of promoting visual art and culture in the region. As the chief editor, he has published a seminal book of more than 150 artists belonging to Telangana titled [email protected] and goddess of the folk – Sammakka and Saralamma Jatara, a bilingual book on photography. Having travelled deeper into the interiors of the countryside for his several films, through his lens, he captured the mesmerising world of the green pastures of paddy fields, humans, inert objects like door embellishings and sparkling blues of water bodies in the remote villages.

Rama Veeresh Babu

Born in 1956, at the historical town of Warangal, Rama Veeresh babu is an exceptional photographer, who has witnessed the changing face of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and its effervescent culture. He has produced marvellous body of works which may be termed as repertoire of faith and culture in Telangana. Ever since he took photography as his desired profession, he realised the function and meaning of his exploration, silently capturing the existing practices and their transformation while touching upon various subjects that intrigue him.




S Harpal Singh

His pictures speak a language of tradition. The language results in a compendium of beautiful images not withstanding its aesthetic purposiveness. It offers a testimony to the faith and conviction of the Gonds, a tribal sect, far removed from modernity and urbanity even in the present days. Born and brought up in Komuram Bheem Adilabad district, Harpal Singh is a passionate photographer, who observes the tradition as naïve but meaningful assertion of a community’s cultural identity. A significant point that emerges from the noteworthy effort of Harpal Singh is his ambitious task of collating photographic episodes of the cultural event, dedicated to their Persa Pen (great god). He systematically records the unknown events that offer a narrative of a folk, envisaging the exceptional rite, and the collective action.

Rama Madhu Gopal Rao

Noted for depicting picturesque imagery of Telangana, Rama Madhu Gopal Rao was born in 1969, from a family of photographers. He did his BFA from JNAFU. An associate of Royal Photography Society, London, he received Senior Fellowship in photography from the Ministry of Culture for his project on Telangana in 2017 and extensively worked on the elapsed splendour of his beloved nativity, where he spent his early childhood. He has held several one-man shows across India and his works have been selected and exhibited at IDRC, Canada, in 2006 under the theme titled ‘Agriculture in the City’. The speciality of his photographs is that he creates an enigmatic silhouette of the past into an enthralling reality that emanates a flicker of Raja Deen Dayal, D Ravinder Reddy, B Narsing Rao, Rama Veeresh Babu, S Harpal Singh, Rama Madhu Gopal Rao, Satyanarayana Gola, Kommidi Vishwender Reddyaesthetic beam bridging between the object and the onlooker.

Satyanarayana Gola

A young promising photographer, who completed his Bachelor’s in Photography, JNFAU, his artistic vision has been published in various daily newspapers and renowned magazines. Satyanarayana Gola is credited with many national and international shows of photography like ‘India From the Streets’ by IPF in Hyderabad in 2015. Often shot from the aerial view, Satyanarayana’s imagery divulges a schema of pictorial magnificence. His eye often wanders to angles that search for the most innate expressions and animated moments of the occasion. His images bring balance to a chaotic composition and harmony among brilliant colours.

Kommidi Vishwender Reddy

Vishwender Reddy is an accomplished film artiste and photographer who hails from Jameelapet, Yadadri-Bhongir district. He has an advanced diploma in photography and professional diploma in videography and editing. After working as a bank employee for a short period, he gave up his job to follow his passion. With an experience of over 35 years in the field, he is well-versed in both analogue and digital camera techniques. Besides exhibiting his works of art, Vishwender has been consistently active in conducting photography workshops, talks, photo walks, seminars and other related events. Unlike most regional photographers, Reddy’s eye does not stop at the vibrant and cheerful festivities or life in Telangana in its celebratory mode. He rather captures the serenity and calmness that one can experience in inert objects like the great rocks that are so commonly found in the Deccan landscape.