‘Cyber Dost’ for students safety

MHA releases booklet to make teenagers aware on cyber security

By Author  |  Published: 18th Dec 2018  12:26 am

Hyderabad: It helps to have a friend guide you through unknown terrains. And that’s what the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has attempted through Cyber Dost, a 32-page booklet on cyber security targeted at students and teenagers. In simple language that students can easily grasp, the Cyber Dost explains why cyber security is a concern, the kind of cyber threats that can impact anyone, what cyber bullying and cyber grooming are, what anyone should do in case of such harassment, and also goes into the hidden dangers of online gaming and email frauds.

The booklet, which can be downloaded in PDF format from the MHA website at https://mha.gov.in/sites/default/files/CyberSafety_English_Web_03122018.pdf, also has a separate chapter on safeguards for social networking profiles. Stating that the booklet is for children above 13 years of age but can be used by younger students as well to understand the cyber world better and prepare themselves to be responsible and careful cyber citizens, the Cyber Dost goes on to exhort children to read more about cyber security, emerging new threats, and ways to safeguard against cybercrime.

It also tells students to follow its Twitter handle @CyberDost for regular updates on safe cyber practices, apart from hoping that students become agents of change by sharing their learning with their peers and parents and contribute in making cyber space safer. With regular blurbs on interesting facts like personal details shared on internet staying online forever, on how it is illegal to send offensive messages, calling vulgar names and so on, the booklet has its most interesting chapter on cybergrooming, a relatively new term for school children and their parents. Watch this space for more on that.