Cyber thugs target online gamers big time

With more children playing online games on mobiles, consoles, computers, and social networks, young minds are where fraudsters see their pastures

By Author  |  Published: 26th Dec 2018  12:37 amUpdated: 5th Jan 2019  5:37 pm

Hyderabad: Wherever the internet is, cyber crooks are there.

With almost everyone in every family having a laptop, tablet or at least a smartphone, playing online games is a quite common pastime. And innovative cyber fraudsters are now targeting online gamers by way of cheating, cyber bullying, sharing inappropriate content and so on.

With more children getting access to the internet and playing online games on mobiles, consoles, computers, portable gaming devices and social networks too, young minds are where the fraudsters see their pastures.


According to Cyber Dost, the recently released cyber security booklet by the Ministry of Home Affairs, while online games can be fun, they also bring associated risks with crores of players playing online at any given point of time. +++

On the risks, Cyber Dost tells children that there are many aggressive players who may bully them, while there are some others who play just to bully or harass others. They may use inappropriate language or cheat others. There are also many adults, including cyber criminals, playing games, pretending to be a child.

“They may try to befriend you by giving tips about the games, sharing points with you and trying to win your trust. They may use the opportunity to run a scam by getting personal information or motivating you for a one-to-one meeting,” the booklet says.

The dangers are manifold, it says, pointing out that there are many free online gaming websites. One might also receive links over email or text message to download what appears to be an interesting game. Some games ask for personal information before creating an account. This is where one’s safety and security get compromised, with info like name, age, mobile number and even bank account details being collected and misused. Some infected games can also capture credit card details and misuse it.

Children might also end up downloading viruses or malware through games downloaded from unsecure sites.

Cyber Dost, while giving tips on to how play safe on the internet, also exhorts children to develop the habit of playing outdoor and to limit exposure to online games as much as possible.