D Ravinder Reddy brings out the best shots of Hyderabad City Police

In the recent addition to Ravinder Reddy's collection is the book titled Journey of the Hyderabad Police that has almost 200 pictures clicked by him.

By Author  |  Published: 14th Nov 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 14th Nov 2017  11:04 pm
Ravinder Reddy

Having dabbled in photography for more than a decade now, there isn’t a single subject that D Ravinder Reddy hasn’t captured with his camera. In a manner of speaking, he has clicked everything and anything worth his time and lens.

The recent addition to his collection is the book titled Journey of the Hyderabad Police that has almost 200 pictures clicked by him. As you browse through the pages, you can see how he captured the true essence of the city police.

Many interesting aspects

Balancing both the candid and framed shots, Ravinder gave the book a visual touch. Talking about how he feels being a part of it, he says that it is a prestigious project and he is glad he got to do it. “Noopur Kumar and I always wanted to do a book on the Police Department, but did not know how and where to start,” he recalls. Ravinder says that when the idea was pitched by Noopur, he was excited to start work as he thought there would be many interesting aspects to cover. “But, then it was later that I got to know that this is only about the Kotwal of Hyderabad,” he adds.

The photographer says that there was a lot of confusion initially, but then they figured out how to go about it. “I started clicking whatever I could because not everything can be composed and framed,” he shares.

Of safety & security

Ravinder ReddyRavinder mentions he did not want the book to have only the pictures of cops. “I wanted to bring in the elements of city’s safety, security and cultural harmony,” he says. Ravinder shares that it is this idea that got in many elements that portray a true cop.

While browsing, people cannot stop noticing the old era photographs that trace back to the time of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. Ravinder says that all these pictures were gathered from archives and several sources. “Some pictures were in a really bad shape, but we had to use these photographs to give the right perspective to the readers,” he adds.

Ravinder spent many days in his studio to digitalise these photos and make them usable. There are pictures of old police personnel posing with the Kotwal, police standing at the fort gates and many others that show a clear transition and growth of the police department.

Proud clicks

Coming to the photographs he has clicked for the book, he proudly speaks about the cover photo in which police are seen mounted on the horse in their uniform. Ravinder says this is an iconic shot, which focuses on both the city and the police. “Anajni Kumar and I worked on this together; it was his idea to have policemen mounted on the horse and the background was suggested by me,” he shares. Ravinder mentions that he must have clicked approximately 5,000 pictures, out of which they picked these 200. “Among the lot, I thoroughly enjoyed clicking the Clues team and She teams,” he adds.

Confusions & hiccups

Recalling one of the incidents during the photo shoot of the present team of Hyderabad City Police, he says there was a lot of confusion about the seating arrangement. “But we somehow managed to do, then my hard disk crashed, there was a lot of tension about it,” he recalls. Ravinder says that somehow he managed to get a good quality printable picture.

It is not just photographs, the book also has some great information for the readers. It is a book that can give anyone an insight into the city police department. There are many elements in the book that catch the attention of the readers. But, pictures in the last section are more attractive because they focus on good policing. Ravinder says that it was his idea to have this as it makes a good impact on the readers.