‘Dandupalyam 3’ Review: A package of spine-chilling scenes

Film: Dandupalyam 3; Director: Srinivasa Raju;Cast: Ravi Shankar, Pooja Gandhi, Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Kale, etc.

By Author  |  Published: 17th Mar 2018  7:19 pm
Dandupalyam 3
A poster of 'Dandupalyam 3'.

The first two parts of ‘Dandupalyam’ scored major success at the box office both in Kannada and Telugu. Now, concluding the trilogy, director Srinivasa Raju comes up with ‘Dandupalyam 3’.

Like in the first two parts, the final one also narrates the story of Dandupalyam gang, but this time, the viewers get it from a different perspective, that one from the police side.

In this movie, it all begins with a journalist interviewing Dandupalyam gang in the jail and publishing a news story on them based on their inputs as to how they were framed by the police with manipulated evidences. After reading the story, Chalapathi who is behind the arrest of the gang, reveals his version in detail to the journalist, which starts with their history dated from 1936 and ends in present time!

Though the movie is packed with two hours run time, the storytelling style makes it appear to be a long stretched marathon. The first half dwells into the history of Dandupalyam team, their ancestors and how they evolve as coldblooded murderers while after the intermission, the focus moves to the core of the present movie.

However, the screenplay in the beginning leaves the viewers a bit perplexed but they soon get settled as the story evolves.

Like the two earlier movies, this one too goes with heavy doses of violence and strong language. Though the depiction is realistic and offers a different experience, it could end up hurting the sensitivities of some.

Director Srinivasa Raju does well in his raw presentation of crimes committed by Dandupalyam gang and some of the spine-chilling scenarios are aptly supported with the background score of Arjun Janya.

The conclusion also is executed well leaving little scope for questions to be raised.

On the acting front, Ravi Shankar as police officer Chalapathi wins accolades while other leads, Pooja Gandhi and Makarand Deshpande leave a positive mark.