Dauntless: Purge of the behemoths

Reviewing Dauntless, a free 2 play cross-platformer

By Author  |  Published: 8th Jun 2019  7:46 pm

Dauntless, an action role playing game that is free to play is quite unremarkable as a game. Its claim to fame though is the framework it is built upon. Its developers call it the first game that supports cross-platform play natively. Implying that one can play Dauntless on consoles, PCs and in future the Switch without any hassle. It achieves this by linking your progress to an Epic store account, so as long as you connect to that particular account your progress and achievements can be carried forward on any device at any time.

A truly cross-playable game has been a fantasy for gamers ever since we have seen the capabilities of cloud-computing and synchronised data flow. However, owing to the various structures that have been erected by gaming companies, this dream has never been realised. The proverbial wheels though seem to be turning as the gaming community has once again been offered hope with Dauntless. As a game, there isn’t much here to brag about. The game has a distinct style and feel that is the right amount of trivial and also just important enough.


You are a guardian who has to help protect the world by fighting gigantic creatures called ‘behemoths’ and most of the action is in co-op play. The behemoths are elemental in nature and so are your weapons as you can match specific equipment types to gain an advantage. Like any RPG, there are weapons and armour to craft along with potions to brew.

Dauntless is solid in what it offers. With regards to gameplay, the system lacks a certain finesse as there are lags and glitches you come across. Combat isn’t as smooth as it should be for a hack ‘n’ slash game and matchmaking can take a little too long. However, the variety of weapons and types of behemoths can keep you interested for a while.  Play this, if you want to explore the potential of cross-play, it is a free game after all.

What Stands Out

  • The use of epic games’ capabilities for cross-play is both efficient and effective
  • The game has a refreshing feel to it in terms of design and execution

Fails to impress

  • Gameplay is lagging, heavy and patchy at times.The interactions lack a certain finesse.
  • Fighting just behemoths can get tiring after a while.

Sneak Peek

  • Title: Dauntless
  • Developer: Phoenix Labs,published by Epic Games
  • Game Type: Action RPG with co-op capabilities
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PS4 and Microsoft Windows
  • Price: Free to play with in-app purchases


  • Innovative Gameplay:  3.5
  • Game Handling & Quality: 3
  • Value for Time: 4
  • Overall: 3.5