Dear Comrade: Of fear, fight, and comradeship

The movie is of overcoming fears, fighting tears, and at the end winning what we love. And the story is not about a hero fighting for what he loves but it is about helping out the heroine in her fight

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Dear Comrade
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An estranged and inebriated Bobby (Vijay Deverakonda) enters into a brawl in a washroom and the fisticuffs result in him falling on to a urinal. It breaks and Bobby finds himself on the floor almost below the urinal.

In an industry where for a hero, especially a star hero, introduction scene carries a huge weight, director Bharat Kamma and Vijay Deverakonda pull off the opening sequence with an introduction that is not usual for big movies, importantly when the lead actor in the movie is gaining stardom.

Whether the approach can be called rebellious is debatable, but the director’s presentation of Bobby as a rebel is rebellious. Not just because of Bobby’s characterization but also for subduing the heroism when needed. This Friday release, Dear Comrade presented as a love story is more than a simple boy-and-girl-falling-in-love kind of story and it is all about fear, fight, and camaraderie.

The movie is of overcoming fears, fighting tears, and at the end winning what we love. And the story is not about a hero fighting for what he loves but it is about helping out the heroine in her fight for what she loves and showing her the meaning of real ‘comrade’.

Comrade, as told by Comrade Sathyam (grandfather of Bobby) in the movie is someone who fights for their rights or helps someone in fighting for their rights, and being a true companion to them till the battle is won. Bobby/Comrade Chaithanya, a rebel, bold and gutsy guy, follows the footsteps of his grandfather. He runs a Student Union circle in Kakinada and vociferously campaigns on the issues faced by students.

His aggressive nature produces an equal number of bad and good experiences in his life and he then meets Lilly/Aparna Devi (Rashmika Mandanna), a professional cricketer, who comes to Kakinada to attend her cousin’s wedding and Bobby falls for the chirpy nature of Lilly. After trials and tribulations of Bobby, they get into a relationship only to part ways when Lilly cannot take Bobby’s aggressive nature, and going out of his way to help others, anymore.

Bobby starts a fresh life after enduring a hard phase of life and after a few years, he again happens to meet Lilly in a hospitalised condition. How Bobby helps heal her pains, both physical and mental, what took her to hospital, how Bobby finds the reason, and how Lilly, in the comradeship of Bobby, wins a tough battle is the almost 3-hour-long ‘Dear Comrade’.

The story is female-centric, revolving around a pertinent social issue, it focuses on how a girl face pressures because of people around her and which can push her into a trap of fear. The fear, most of the times, go unnoticed, and  ‘Dear Comrade’ tells a tale of such fear-trapped person who requires a ‘comrade’ to stand by them.

The subject of the movie is poetic and strong, the strong part is brought to the fore only in the latter part of the second half. And the poetic touch is there right from the word go with soothing numbers and gripping background score, all thanks to Justin Prabhakaran, who made a difference to this heartwarming drama.

Just like Vijay Deverakonda’s other movies like Pelli Choopulu, Arjun Reddy and Geetha Govindam, the female lead is not to add the glamour quotient but gets equal importance with the protagonist, in a sense creating a new wave in Telugu cinema.

Though the run time is a big issue, debutant Bharat Kamma handles the subject quite well. If you are not just looking for a few duets, and some comedy sequences, this slow-paced yet immersive love story will be liked by you courtesy lead pair chemistry, beautiful cinematography, and as mentioned – refreshing music.

Go, experience the comradeship of Lilly and Bobby.

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